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4th Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

A 13 year old girls bad experiences with smash player IrregularJinny.

I want to begin this post by thanking twitteruser Chelly (@Chellytoms) for speaking up about what she had been through in the Smash scene. Thanks to her telling about her experiences with Jin aka ”IrregularJinny” (@_Jinny_JC), I feel like I can speak up aswell since I want justice to myself and to other who has been hurt by him. If you don’t know- he is a pedophile from Sweden who plays Super Smash Bros.

I found out that Jin has done a pastebin filled with excuses on why he has hurted other people. This made me explode in rage, unblock him for the first time during all these years and finally decide to call him out. He has NEVER said sorry to me for his actions and I know he has been instead- trashtalking about me to other people.

Now I am not someone who is active in the gaming community but I had my bad experiences with Jin in Sweden. I got to know him around 9-10 years ago in a chatroom on a streamingsite for speedrunning. At this point I was around 13 years old and I only thought it was cool that there was another swedish person who watched speedrunning and thought my cosplays were cool. NOTHING MORE.

This escalated quickly to him writing to me everyday, giving me ”compliments” about my body, that I am sexy etc which I was very uncomfortable with. I never had any interest in him and I couldn’t stand up for myself. He acquired my phonenumber and texted me alot. I still remember it very clear when I started highschool on my first day I was crying because he kept sexually harassing me in texts, said that he wanted to sleep with me and only I can understand him. During highschool years I started to ignore him when I could and then- at a swedish convention called Närcon 13 he met me. I’m not saying we met but HE met me. By hugging me from my back and touching my bare stomach & legs without me knowing who the hell was touching me. Apparently I cosplayed his favorite character Milla Maxwell and he kept calling me his wife. After he left I broke down and told the staffmembers of Närcon what he did to me but NOTHING happened. At this time I was STILL a minor and nobody reacted.

Years later I was sick of him and just blocked everywhere on all my social medias. I was SO ashamed that he had contact with me in my younger years, I couldn’t bear to admit it since I felt so dirty knowing everything he did to me. Kept hearing he was now onto new young girls and on top of that getting a name in the Smash community. Kept seeing him on swedish conventions like Närcon, Confusion & Kodachicon hosting/speedrunning, no organizer banned him and it IS a well known fact in the swedish cosplay conventions that he creeps on younger girls.

I never went public with this because when I tried to adress this issue, people kept joking about Jin stalking me or even assault me. It has hurt me severly the way people in the conventioncircles joked about this.

I’m writing all of this because my childhood got destroyed by an older man who tries to in this very moment excuse his behaviour towards girls. I know that I will never be able to give the justice the younger me deserves but I finally found the moment to post this. Interesting how he never mentioned how he ruined many YOUNG girls under the age 15, because thats what he is well known for in Sweden.

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