Chris West

I know this guy isn't a famous player and I don't know if he is even actively playing anymore but I feel I might as well tell my incident with Chris West since I'm going to make a statement about Andrew Reyna later after his case is over. This happened back around 2015. Although I have blurry memories of the night, I wrote a statement with my therapist right after it happened so it was fresh in my memory to give to the police and report it to NCIS since I was still active duty. I'm using that report to write this.

My boyfriend at the time just showed me the smash documentary and started getting me into PM so I started going to other people's houses and locals with him. He introduced me to Chris and we started going to his house regularly to play and even slept over a few times over the weekend. He was always friendly while he hosted and made us dinner while we stayed over, my boyfriend and I knew he had a little crush on me but it seemed harmless because Chris never pushed boundaries and himself even admitted he was a virgin at the time. Eventually my boyfriend moved to his home state when he got out of the service but continued our relationship. I still played PM with the friends he had introduced me to and one day, I ran into him again at my friend David’s house a couple months after the last time we hung out. We hugged and we decided to hang out at a Smash Bros. party he was hosting.

I was already struggling with something unrelated prior so I had done an all nighter the night before. I drove to another town first with my roommate, back to my apartment, and then headed towards the town Chris lived at. I was super tired and I don't do well driving at night so Chris told me others were staying the night and I was welcome as well.

When I got to his house, I hardly talked to him because he was so busy hosting but we said hi as I gave him a pie and some cider. He cooked for everyone and created a very nice, comfortable environment. Some people were drinking but not too hard, I didn't drink at all and I don't know about Chris. I was mostly into watching others play PM at first to get used to the new update before playing myself. Started nodding off while sitting in the armchair. There was a very hilariously intense match going on between two competitive players, so I decided to fit onto the arm of the couch everyone was sitting at. He was next to me on the couch.
He told me to sit on his lap and I said, “Nah, I’m good.” He scooted over and made enough room for half of my butt to sit next to him and asked me to squeeze in. Ended up slightly on his lap and mostly on the couch next to him. Then it was his turn to play and he adjusted to get comfortable and made me sit on his lap while he played in order to “play better”. He said he needed “girl power” to win. I was trying to sit at an angle so I wouldn’t be in the way, and I was still super tired and nodding off.

It was about 1 am when everyone was getting burnt out from playing and they just wanted to watch a movie so he and I went to go turn on netflix and choose a movie while everyone else continued to finish the match. He picked out White Chicks but I had recently watched it at the time so instead of watching, I started to fall asleep while everyone else crowded around the TV. We were both sitting on a two person couch, and I would slowly sway side to side as I was drifting off.
Chris nudged me to lean on him while watching movie, while putting his arm up around me. He made jokes about “being kinky” when playing with a shoelace I had in my bag and wrapping it around my hands as if he was tying me up. When the movie was overhead, he lead people into their rooms for the night and I was the last to be lead to a room. He brought me into a girl’s room (his sister’s) and I laid down.

He walked into the room and asked if I needed a glass of water which I said no to. He came over laid down next to me and I thought that he would sleep in his own room. He got on top of me and started to grope me. I told him I didn’t want to do this and I have a boyfriend. He then told me I do want it and whenever I said “no”, he said “yes”. Whenever I said “stop”, he said “no”. Force me to kiss him by grabbing my face and pulling me towards him. I was in shock, he was not the same nice, calm friend that I knew, but now aggressive and rough. It was like I was just a piece of meat with no feelings.

He took off his clothes, and tried to take mine off too but I wouldn’t let him. He tried to 69 with him on top because I was struggling a lot. His bare ass was literally on my face. Every once in a while when the fighting would calm down a bit, I would start to drift off and then we would start struggling again.
I dozed off after he stopped trying for a bit. I woke up suddenly and my pants were down to my knees. His hand was in my underwear and he was aggressively fingering me. He flipped me over and tried pulling my pants down with my arms folded in front of me, using his hand to keep me down, I struggled to keep him from penetrating and I kept pulling my pants up. At one point, he was straddling my chest trying to put his penis in my mouth and would flick my face and neck when I tried to turn my face away. I would try to scream to wake up the others and he shoved his hand in my mouth while choking me with his other hand. I was crying, saying “No, I can’t do this”, and “Stop, I don’t want this” while all of this was happening. Not sure how long it all lasted, but it felt like hours because I was in and out of consciousness. After he got fed up with my fighting, he got on top of me and asked me if I wanted this and I said “no”. He asked me what I even came to his house for today and I said “to play video games”. He asked me if I was sure and I said “yes”. Then he tossed me aside calling me a "bitch ass" and got up and left the room.

I was scared of what else he was capable of and why he left the room, was he grabbing something else? I thought about grabbing my phone to text the address to my friend but I didn’t want him to walk in on me doing that so instead I hid under the covers and froze while I heard him reenter the room with a glass of water. He laid back down and said in a normal voice, “Hey, I want to talk to you. I need to talk to you. Talk to me, like friends.” I told him I would tell my boyfriend and that I was upset, hurt, scared, and felt like he betrayed my trust. We talked for a few minutes about my relationship with my boyfriend and then I blacked out.

While I was still half asleep in the morning, I felt him get up and kiss me as he left the room which is how I knew it wasn’t a nightmare. I woke up with full clothes on and heard the other guys in the kitchen with him. I was out cold while I slept, so I didn’t know if anything more had happened. I went to the bathroom to check myself and nothing seemed to be different so I grabbed my stuff to leave. I didn’t know what to do when I saw other people so I decided to act natural. I figured they wouldn’t believe me anyway and label me as the “girl who cried rape” or say I'm causing drama. I walked into the living room and everyone was eating breakfast. Chris invited me to eat too but I just told them I had to leave early so he said he would walk me to my car. When we got to my car, and said, “About last night… Let me know if you wanna hang out or do anything else.”

I called my friend, my boyfriend, and then David, who lived a couple blocks away from him (also at the party and was the admin from our local online community) to tell them what happened. Chris then called and left a voicemail saying he wanted to talk because someone anonymously messaged him online and called him a rapist. He said, “I hope I’m not… a rapist that is.” 3 or 4 days later, I was worried that my period was irregular, so I went to the Emergency Room. I thought my body went into shock or that something might be wrong.
I went and talked to the UVA and had my body checked for evidence in case I wanted to press charges in the future. During the rape kit exam, they found bruises and hickey marks mostly on upper body. As I was making the report, I blocked him on Facebook but I didn’t want anything to appear suspicious.
UVA recommended me to get seen at mental health for therapy and told my therapist what had happened. Therapist recommended me to go to Intensive Outpatient Program and I did that for 2 months. Chris looks a little similar to Armada so I would struggle with flashbacks watching Armada play and because Chris played Sheik, I would be triggered if I saw someone playing the character. Basically gave up gaming but then tried new games with different, supportive people that I trusted. Continued to play Smash but far away from him and avoided events he would go to. He called and left another voicemail to apologize for being, “Such an asshole/dick” and that he “I didn’t want to take advantage of you, just the situation.” I texted him not to talk to me again and to delete all forms of contact we had. Told him if he needed to talk to me, relay the message to my boyfriend and he would let me know if he thinks if I needed to hear it.

About a year later, I did end up filing a report but due to how long it bad been and lack of evidence even with the voicemails and evidence with the rape kit, they basically let the case drop.

It was my first year in the community and I was worried about someone seeing me as a prude for saying that I am uncomfortable. It really sucks that I was surrounded by people, yet I felt alone because I didn't think they would believe me. I hope someone can read this and help recognize the signs of a predator if ever having to face the situation. I've made my peace with what had happened through years of therapy and honestly, I don’t care what happens good or bad to Chris but I no longer want to stay silent like it's a burden I have to carry.

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