My Experience In The Community (as a minor)

This is some lowkey fucked up shit so please don't read if you're not prepared. Please read it all

But let's start:

I am DarthJair! I am a (just turned) 16 year old smash player. This is my first smash game and I have done pretty well so far. But, in this community on mostly discord, I have been taken advantage of and groomed.

It all started in the winter time of late 2019/early 2020. I was a player who was looking to get into a crew for smash for the first time and thats when I met the abuser: A person named Lyndis. At first she was super chill and seemed like she was a cool ass person. As time went on, she kept coming into my dm's talking about dating and shit with other people and using cheesy lines to try and get me to date her. Eventually I was tired of her coming into my dm's for dumb stuff and being weird and accepted her offer to date. She told me she was 20 something and I told her my age and shit and I thought it was all cool and shit.

Worst decision ever

After that she kept tryna get me to do "sexual shit" day in and day out. She kept trying but I folded and did RP with her. I was mostly fucking around but she wanted more. She then told me something that would never leave:

"Well, if you wanna be a real girl you're gonna have to show me more than this"

I was shocked that she would say that and then she said how much she wanted to see my body and shit. And as me being me and not wanting to disappoint, I obliged to make myself feel more of a girl.

Eventually after she had her fill of "me" she left me for a icies player and then took advantage of them (I forgot their tag but she did it all in a discord call she brought us to). She continued to do this and then she ruined the crew and made it disband and then tried to belittle me and make fun of me and other players she fucked with but never accepted my request to FT5 with mains (like the pussy she is) and then left for OH (which is now Lethality aka LT), it didn't last long tho. I reported her to the SCS along with other players who had the same story along with her being a piece of shit.

She wasn't even banned

She got a slap on the wrist and I was made a fool of in leaders chat (which i had perms to see because at this point I was a leader of another crew) and it just hurt really bad. And for months she stayed free until she got banned a month or two ago I believe for getting caught tryna get nudes from her crewmates and other minors.

The justice came too late tho

And on top of that, ever since i revealed myself as a girl in this community, people kept coming into my dm's being weird and sexual and just downright fucking gross.

But thanks to my new friends and crewmates in pulse, I feel at least a tad bit better playing this game.

Thank you for reading and btw

Lyns social was @LyndisSSBU or SSB or some shit like that but she deleted hella tweets and made a new acc. Her twitch was named LynSSB or LadyLyndis.

This was really hard to write so please, just don't be a bad person

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