My Experience with Victim Blaming in the German Smash Community

I am saddened to have to bring this up again.

Apparently, the opinion within some of the german smash scene is that the Twitlongers and everything regarding Yikarur from 2017 was just a plot to hurt his reputation, despite Yikarur being denounced in other smash communities.

To clarify: this is not only about Yikarurs behavior and denial, this is about some of the figureheads of the German Smash Community.

Let’s start with a short Version of how this all happened.

- The First Anonymous Twitlonger -

An Anonymous Community Member from back then gathered a lot of information about Yikarur. There were many People approaching him about Yikarurs behavior and he even witnessed a lot of the behaviour himself.

So he decided to make an anonymous Twitlonger about Yikarur, calling out his behaviour.

I will include the accusations that were made in the twitlonger. (direct quotes from the twitlonger are in quotation marks)

1. "Yikarur hoards power in the community, and he sexually harasses woman constantly"
I am providing enough in this twitlonger to confirm that

2. "He drunkenly made out with a 16 years old at PPT"
this is in fact wrong information. She was 14 at that time (I have copies of the underage attendees IDs/Informations of all my Tournaments).

3. "He did Things like this to girls, having a boyfriend or not:
-Walk up and play casuals
-Get touchy and feely
-Stroke up their leg
-Get told off by many but misses the hint"
i am sure many girls are willing to confirm this as am I (he personally put his hands on my butt while hugging me, and once his hand between my legs when he was helping me get up from the floor after I fell from a ladder and also all the milder stuff listed above)

4. "A Girl felt uncomfortable since she met him so she stayed away from tournaments cause of him"

5. "At PPT Berlin he made a girl feel uncomfortable"

6. "Someone at Syndicate yelling, get off her creep"
I don't have information for this, please tell me if you do!

7. A Personal Story about him and his Ex in which he seems to respond with sexist behaviour
The Screenshots are true but out of context

8. Sexist comment about Hyugas Story and agreeing that the “broads” speaking up being dumb

9. Yikarur using his "Power" in our Forum to strengthen Ruleset discussions
Partly true, I have seen several posts like this too. Most of the Community did.

10. "Quotes of smashlabs where he didn't show empathy for a questionable Situation"

Reading the Twitlonger again makes me realise that it had proof and was based on a lot of FACTS. It was COMPLETELY shot down and framed as FAKE, a mere attempt to hurt Yikarur’s reputation.
I do not want to publish the screenshots of the original Twitlonger with the accusations. As Yikarur likes to threaten with contacting the police regarding it.

-Response to the Anonymous Twitlonger-

The Twitlonger was slated as aggressive and exaggerated by referencing how Yikarur was called a molester and sexual assaulter in the TDLR at the end.

At that point, no one had ever come forward in public regarding Yikarur before, which made the Community explode. No one believed he would do things like that, since these allegations came out suddenly from an anonymous source.

He quickly turned it into him being the victim, that everything was made up and fake just to hurt his reputation.
There is more but I think this is enough to prove my point.

Even though there were people coming forward saying they witnessed some of this behaviour, it was just brushed off, as many in the community went on a witch hunt for the anonymous person.

Instead of focusing on the accusations, they did everything in their power to find out who wrote the Twitlonger. They managed to do this by apparently abusing twitters flaw where if you forget your login data, you can send info to the associated phone number which of the last couple digits are shown uncensored. They then crosschecked with everyones phone numbers from the smash community that they had, and found them.

After finding out who it was they did take actions really fast. The person got stripped from his titles, kicked out from almost every server and harassed completely out of the community.

He was branded "the Judas of the community" and all the accusations were settled as lies because of for example how "Judas" wrote it in a womans perspective, so it has to be made up.
When in reality he was just talking about other peoples experiences with Yikarur.

-My Testimony-

That was when I went public with my own experiences and the experiences of others.

This was my Testimony back in 2017. Please read it before continuing with this post:

Most I got at first was doubt, even with proof. I got kicked out of all the german discord servers including the T.O backroom, Witchhunted and bullied into crying everyday for several weeks.

The harassment I got from coming out was really big and made me leave the community. I lost faith in the honesty and credibility of the people in charge on German Smash
My reputation in the community went from a tournament organizator to whore, attention seeker, liar, faker, etc.

Here are some of the responses I got to my Post/Twitlonger

@TaDavidID claimed that the Server which had all the evidence got "deleted".
And later on claimed that he just removed everyone and archived it cause people would use the evidence out of context.

Here is a tweet mocking the situation:
I cried a lot after seeing this one.

The credibility of my statement also got questioned because of personal issues with other TOs/people in charge. This should absolutely NOT be the case, since any differences I had with other Members (mostly cause of sexist behaviour) had NOTHING to do with what Yikarur did to me. I still believe that some of those people discredit my statement because of personal differences.

They did also take action back when the "Judas twitlonger" came out. But to my understanding, it was all taken back because of the belief that the twitlonger was fake, as well as finding out that The Author was in the German Backroom.

After me coming forward with my story and Germany getting pressure from certain European organisers, the german backroom decided to take action against Yikarur.

With girls from other countries coming forward in the comment section of my twitlonger there was too much proof for them to do nothing.

-The verdict against Yikarur-

So Yikarur was suspended as a moderator on the Smashlabs Team for a year.
He did get banned for a year in several regions, but NOT in his own region. He was banned in several European Countries.
He also has been banned permanently from some German Tournament Series and @DATTeamSmash Events (Statement of removing him of an Event they were hired to help in Austria: "DAT team banned Yikarur indefinitely from our own events due to serious allegations made against him from multiple victims coming forth. We felt it would go against our zero-tolerance policy if Yikarur was to attend an out of country tournament that we were hired to help organise. We worked with the main tournament organisers to prevent Yikarur's attendance to keep the tournament a safe-zone for all players.").

Almost everything was done in german and most Statements have been written down only for german people to read.
A LOT the documents that were written have been brushed under the rug and never been published, neither in english nor in german. As a result, most of european and german Smashers were not aware of many accusations.
The server we used to discuss this topic was cleared by the owner and “archived”. But it appears to me that some people still have access to the server and used as “proof” that the Twitlonger was Fake:

To me, it seems that they have knowingly written many statements only in german and not published them, in order to not spread any information to the wider community

It sickens me to see that even now, nearly 3 years after these incidents, a lot of his friends and some of german key people have been able to establish an absolutely false picture of what happened. Even though many of them know a lot of what happened, they did not seem to care to make things right.

I am absolutely disgusted to see that the Anonymous twitlonger publisher and me are not only hated, but painted as Liars and attention seekers even by German community leaders. It took me a lot of courage back then to speak up and all my fears ended up coming true.

The Part of the Community which forced me to leave, did not change at all. They did not learn and I am glad I am not a part of this community anymore.

These are the only stories I remember and have proof of, I have heard of testimonies from other women, but I am not going to talk about them without proof.

If he harassed any other woman in the community, please share your stories and I will be here to support you with all my heart.

Special Thanks to G-P for helping me out with writing both this and my previous Testimony. I really appreciate the support of your communities, you gave me strength to speak up.

Thank you for reading.

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