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Preface: I debated whether or not to post this because protecting my reputation is not something I’m particularly concerned about; I’m pretty checked out of the scene and I think there are more pressing issues where attention should be focused, but for anyone who considers me a friend and wants my side of my experience, here it is.

I will address 3 issues I had taken up while in SFL.

1. Vikki
2. Muteace
3. Dj Jack

I have to address vikki only because the situation is being used to fuel flames and distract from the other issues.
The majority of my time in SFL I suffered from mistreatment from Vikki. It was nothing noteworthy at first and was mostly a lot of false rumor spreading, subtweeting, drunk berating me once, and other petty pointless things. I mostly thought it was just me until some of the other girls started to come forward. I eventually learned that another girl (let’s call her Amy) was experiencing the same problems. For almost a year I had avoided Amy because I heard rumors she was toxic, likewise, Amy felt the same about me. We then learned vikki was the source of those rumors. Over time Amy became friends with two other girls in the scene, who both expressed the exact same treatment by vikki. Why we were being treated that way was a mystery to me. The more I learned about how they were being treated the more my distaste for vikki grew. Her inability to get along with other girls was such a problem that her good friend even wrote up a legal contract outlining for one of the girls, outlining how she was to treat vikki and get along with her and forced the girl to sign it. Whether or not vikki had anything to do with that personally I do not know nor do I care. But the fact that that was the behavior being perpetrated by vikki’s surrounding circle was once again very upsetting.
At least 3 of the 4 girls who vikki had a problem with were driven out of the scene, even going as far as one of them moving to another state (not me) to escape the treatment and memories she experienced in SFL.
Any feelings I have about vikki stem mainly from these issues.

2. Muteace

Shortly after EVO 2016 I was given information that Muteace had been molested by a drunk DJ Jack. Mute admitted privately to multiple people that it had happened, and that it was non consensual despite maintaining a public stance that it was consensual. The consent alone was not even the issue, but the fact that he was 15 or 16 while DJ Jack was in his mid 20s. (I don’t remember the exact ages, it was a blur)
At this point I brought the issue to the TO and it was swiftly dismissed because Mute maintained that it was consensual.
I spoke to someone who was speaking to those involved trying to make sense of the situation, and he told me directly that Vikki told him “don’t let port find out”
Again, this really bothered me because there was a sense that the issue was being covered up. Mute admitted privately to others (who have come forward as witnesses) that he was lying to protect both DJ Jack and Vikki.
A great issue with this whole situation is that Muteace has known to lie compulsively making it extremely difficult to find the truth. Whether or not DJ Jack was remorseful or sorry, I do not care. When sexual advances are made on an underaged person, it cannot be dismissed.

At some point after I came forward the first time and was berating for speaking up, some others came to me privately ensuring me my telling of the issue was correct, that Mute had come to them privately in a discord call and admitted he was lying and that nonconsensual advances had been made on him by DJ Jack.

3. DJ Jack

Following these instances, no measures were taken to ensure the safety of others by removing DJ Jack.
If it had been a one time offense, I might have seen it differently, but at this point DJ Jack had a history of drinking problems and becoming violent and/or making women uncomfortable which I and some others witnessed personally. Even so much as Vikki running in and begging for help at G3 after DJ Jack had become temperamental and threatening to her.

All in all, I always found the situation extremely unsettling and poorly handled at best and wanted the abuser removed.
The blame was shifted to me to avoid responsibility being placed on any involved in the abuse or coverup. I never again attended a SFL event after witnessing how the situation was (not) handled.
As far as I know, DJ Jack continued to attend events in SFL after taking a hiatus and has never received any kind of punishment.

While I understand Mute wanted to handle the situation privately, when I have reason to believe an adult sexually abused a minor, I cannot in good conscious turn a blind eye.

While you may or may not believe me, I can give you my word that these stories are true, and dozens of people have come to me privately thanking me for speaking out as they were witness to some of these events and personally experienced mistreatment in SFL, or were also extremely disturbed by the situation. All of whom state that they are terrified to speak up after watching the relentless bullying I have received for speaking up.

At this point, it’s word against word.
I encourage anyone doubting my telling of the story to read Wrath’s post where he and others came forward as witness to Muteace’s private admission.

Lastly, I give my testimony only to bring clarity and understanding to a situation that has haunted me for years.
While I could air everyone’s dirty laundry to attempt and discredit them as they did to me, I’m not interested in mud slinging.
I can give my word that SFL was a disgusting place where bullying and elitism ran rampant, and I give you my word that many, many others share this sentiment privately in fear of speaking up.
I understand my behavior was not always perfect and I frequently took part in the behind the back shit-talking that took place in a dozen group chats; however I assure you I was not some kind of lone monster. I won’t post receipts, because like I said, there are much bigger issues this community needs to deal with and I’m not interested in mud-slinging.
I recognized the problem of this and left the toxic environment and have since lived in harmony with those around me.
I would like to reiterate one last thing, I think it’s extremely telling that any time I have come forward claiming that Florida smash has a bullying problem, the response I am met with to discredit my opinion, is harassment and relentless public bullying.


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