Hi all, Eden here
Over the past few day stories about me harassing women and bullying other players in the smash scene have surfaced. While it was never my intentions to make anyone feel unwelcomed I understand why these individuals do feel this way. I am not asking for forgiveness, but I am just here to make an apology.
To the women
I still understand that many will view my actions as unforgivable regardless of what I state. With the women in this story I had a lapse in judgment. It was not my intention to bring any harm. What I perceived to be positive reactions towards my advances were in fact not those things. I am being accused of being manipulative, harassing, and verbally abusing. To be quite honest after reviewing the messages I am disappointed in myself and understand the perspective of these women. At times I was upset, frustrated, or flustered and I expressed those emotions in a way that was inappropriate. My immaturity and ignorance lead me to be blind in that it was possible that they may have felt forced or uneased by my actions and did not feel comfortable being straight forward about their feelings or intentions with me.

To the people that feel as though I bullied them in the scene
It was never my intentions to make anyone feel unwelcomed. From what I was trying to do with constructive criticism to friendly trash talk I got carried away and didn't realize that it was being perceived as a negative thing.

To my former group FRND
I was accused of keeping these stories a secret. I never had intentions of being deceptive. These were mistakes were never easy for me to talk about. I was also scared and disappointed in myself and grew anxious about how you all would react to it, so I handled it with myself and the TOs and remained silent about it. I never had a "facade" or a "mask." I had made a mistake, yes, but I wasn't trying to lie or deceive who I was to you all.

To everyone
I'm truly remorseful for the issue and I understand how and where I made my mistakes. I'm young and immature, but while that doesn't excuse my actions, I know I have a lot to learn and grow from. I am not asking for forgiveness. I am asking for a chance of redemption. I have made errors and will do what needs to be done to atone for them. Had I known that people held those feelings towards me I would have stopped because I love this scene that welcomed me and wish everyone to feel welcomed. I've been taking a lot of time and self reflection after revisiting the past while making this statement and I'm starting to begin the steps towards improvements. I will be stepping away from online interactions to further self reflect and learn from this but am open and willing to talk to people when the time is right.

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