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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Final Statement

I'm going to firmly stand by my statements of the car being in motion, as well as my actions being a reaction to prevent her from harming herself.

That being said, it is irrefutable that this is an isolated incident with no patterned behaviour to show malicious intent, and I have never been physical with a partner before or since in any scenario.

The incident happened more than two years ago, and I felt remorseful then, apologized at the time, as well as other times, directly to Katia. Since that time, I have sought therapy, been medicated for severe anxiety, and learned better deescalation techniques and skills.

I have been an active advocate for mental health and a supporter of abuse victims both in and out of the smash scene for years.

I fully acknowledge what I did that night was wrong and could have been handled better. What I will not acknowledge is the idea that I acted maliciously or with violent intentions.

I will keep this statement about my actions and growth alone, as people have negatively responded to me doing anything otherwise.

I am still remorseful of my actions that night, but I also have taken many steps to ensure I never do anything like that again, and have kept true to that improvement.

I care about this community deeply, and I understand the role I play in it, in this very moment.

If my actions are considered unrepented for, I accept any and all punishment issued by leaders of the community.

I made a mistake, and I accept the consequences for that mistake. I am not bigger than this community, and I want to do whatever I need to in order to make it feel more welcoming and safe.

Once again, I apologize to Katia for this situation, it was wrong of me to act in the way I did. I hope you find catharsis and are able to heal from this.

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