Houston Smash Culture

My words (AvoiD) - Not a representation for the entire Houston scene. Letting you know rn I’m 100% biased and if it influences your perspective on me I understand and completely cool with it.

A big reason I became less involved in the scene of Smash 4 was with who people put in charge. Ruined a lot of the passion for competitive smash for myself and others who were more active before Alvisor stepped in. Brought zero genuine unity to the city, if not only divided it more.

Depressing to lose the thrill of competing for something in a city I love that CONTINUED to be hammered to the ground. If you think about the countless people (old heads, new players just being introduced into the scene who’ve left, etc.) a lot has to do with how it was being lead. The worst part is that all who spoke out were quieted quickly.

Last two years of competitive smash, I came to events for the people who I KNEW I enjoyed being around. The game for me is only as fun as the company I choose to surround myself with. I’m more than happy to explain why I won’t associate with a few of the people in the scene and if you’re curious who to be aware of in terms of your peace, feel free around to HMU. I’ve been through enough experiences to understand what will and won’t be good for my sanity.

If any of it changes your perspective on me, dope. It didn’t influence the unanimous decision of him being permanently banned.

Never been a fan of Alvisor. He shouldn’t have ever been someone in charge to run this scene. If you still haven’t realized it, I can get main figure heads in the Texas scene who I know would vouch. Or I can ask all of HSU excluding NxL for bias reasons and see their response. Or you could use common sense and see the stupidity he brought. The little good he gave to the scene is incomparable to the mental damage he’s done to people in our community. No tolerance for that.

For the NxL people (not all) or those close to him who didn’t step in knowing how he acted along w/ consistently invalidating and manipulating others who wanted to speak out, whether it was to help the community or about their own personal experiences (which it’s easy to see the who brings toxicity to the group) and it continued to go overshadowed since Smash 4 because of the power/group that was in check at the time.

Alvisor was clearly in the wrong. Multiple times. For people to still defend it blows my mind but I’m not surprised. We still have people for Trump. I’m not here to associate with you. You lost just as much as respect as he did. What you say comes with a grain of salt.

There’s a big difference between the winners circle and the popular circle. Those who used to speak up the most for him have the least to say now. Not a coincidence 🤷🏾‍♂️

Rethink who is gonna be beneficial for you moving forward and exclude those keeping you back. Life is much much bigger than smash. YOU are much bigger than smash. Protect your peace cause no one else will.

Apologizing to those who I couldn’t help sooner that brought up their experiences with me. Feel like I let those down of the younger crowd I was wanting to protect. We’re gonna be loud now, trust. Making sure mental wellness is a normalized discussion in the smash scene is the next project for me.

Love y’all. We changing for the culture. ✊🏽

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