My Exp w/ Tezii

I became friends with Tezii after joining an oregon discord server I believe. At the time, Tezii was going through a rough time and would reach out to me every now and then. I would respond back as a friend, who was there in Tezii’s time of need. Thats all I saw them as, a friend. I never spoke to them suggestively so I’m not sure why they felt the need to talk to me the way they did. I just want to show the kinds of messages that were sent to me by Tezii that have made me uncomfortable.


Notice in the conversation where I am talking about my friend, I keep responding w something not very relevant to dodge their sus messages. A lot of boundaries were crossed and I’m not sure I ever did anything to make Tezii think that these boundaries were ok to cross. From randomly asking for a picture of my ass to asking if I would ever wanna do anything “lewd”. You can see I mention to them I was talking to this girl. (Tezii knew that I was fond of her). Yet 5 days later, they go on to ask me out on a date.

I originally did not want to make a twitlonger in fear of Tezii’s reaction and mental health. But seeing as other have come out and shared their stories about Tezii, I thought that I should add my two cents as well.

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