Re: Jisu and Zero

I would like to preface this by saying I’ve never had any substantial interaction with Zero, and I have absolutely no desire to have him removed from the community nor do I have any personally developed opinion of him. I just have additional information, and would like to clear up some discrepancies and address some claims.

Yesterday, Jisu came out with a post in response to Zero’s twitlonger stating that he showed her craiglists ads for sex and hentai when she was a minor (15 years old) and constantly harassing her while living in the sky house. For some context, I lived with Jisu for approximately a year. I can confirm personally that this issue has been brought up to me on multiple occasions, and the storyline never changed, long before there was any thought of making it public. Every time it was mentioned, it was never made public, because nothing good would come of it, and Zero seemingly had changed for the better. The only reason it’s being brought out now is because the community has a chance to overhaul the way it acts as a whole and prevent so many things that have come to light in the past few days from ever happening again, and one of the biggest figureheads is claiming ignorance. This is not an attempt to get Zero removed from the community and that’s been made painfully clear, it’s an attempt to hold people accountable for their actions, and to have someone who has messed up in the past like all of us have, to admit to his mistakes and to have one of the community’s biggest role models set a good example by acknowledging how he has had to or needs to improve.

Anyone who thinks Jisu is doing it for clout, why would she take a year long break from Twitter if she cared about clout? By the time she comes back, most people probably won’t even remember that she’s the one who brought this up, she has absolutely nothing to gain from it. This is the same person who came out with one of the, if not the first major sexual assault allegations against a top player, the same person who’s been calling out this behavior for three years, the same person who has spoken up more about this before it was even on anyone else’s radar besides those who were victimized. This is the last person who would attempt a clout chase, because in all these instances, it EASILY could have detracted from her more than it helped. She did it to make the community a better place, and to prevent people from going through the same things that she did, there was no ulterior motive.

Regarding death threats, if you think it is in any way acceptable to threaten someone for coming out with a story, then you have absolutely no place in this or any other community. This is why people have problems coming forward with stories; even the people you’re defending would ostracize you for that type of behavior. Under no circumstance is that acceptable behavior.

Regarding Zero’s statement, sure, it’s not inconceivable that if this occurred, he doesn’t remember it, but nowhere in his apology does he even address the magnitude of that behavior. I understand he’s trying to defend himself, but all that was needed, even if he didn’t remember it, was to make it explicitly clear that this type of behavior is in no way acceptable, and that these claims need to be taken seriously because this behavior is clearly rampant in the smash community.

Regarding the Katie Twitlonger, I have absolutely no information on that and can’t make any statement other than personally vouching for Jisu’s work ethic and diligence when it comes to this matter, which makes me as positive as I can be that she would not have brought anything forward if there wasn’t an overwhelming probability that there was truth behind it.

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