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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Don't believe who Lyric is. Don't trust her. Don't get close to her.

I originally had no intention of posting this during this time, but after she tried to make one of the ‘tell me how I made your FGC experience better’ posts, people need to know who she is ( I will first start with a few brief explanations of some of the worst things Lyric had done to me, then go into a more rough story based transcript of some of my experiences with her.


Lyric learned of my transition before I went public and spread this around to multiple others as gossip. I learned of this when someone much later admitted to me that they had known of me before I came out, and that Lyric was the one that told them.

When I got the opportunity to commentate Frostbite 2020, Lyric started a false rumor and said to many that she basically had a spot for Frostbite commentary locked, and that I convinced staff to not hire her and to have me commentate in place of her. This is 100% false and I was hired completely independently and she was never in any discussion with me. I had no idea she was even applying to commentate there, nor would I have any impact on her chance to commentate there. Not to mention, why would anyone from a tournament staff tell her that she wasn’t picked because someone convinced them not to????

She is incredibly hateful behind the scenes but then will change her story publicly for clout and attention. An example of this is how she has privately discussed how much she hates and despises Smash Sisters, but then turned around and commentated it at Genesis 7 and acted like she was in full support of it.

There is someone in the tristate community by the name of Lights. Lights started attending tournaments around mid-late last year. During this time we had a crew/group of girls in the tristate scene called the Sailor Scouts, which Lyric was more or less the ‘leader’ of if there was one, since we all knew her prior and most of met us each other through her. Lights and Lyric had history between each other, which I will not get into here. When Lights showed up at events, Lyric would shit talk Lights to all of us in the crew, and tell us not to hang out with them, not to invite them to post tournament dinners, etc. She basically would instruct us not to pay attention to them or to look down on them, but then as time would come for post tournament dinners, Lyric would invite them. This made me incredibly confused, because she would instruct us and give us reasons to basically hate them (and I now doubt any of the reasons she provided then to dislike them as being true now), but then she would turn around and act in full support of Lights. Then as soon as Lights wasn’t looking or the night was over, Lyric would immediately go back to shit talking them behind their back to us. This went on for a long time, and I’d say the peak of the issue with it was as Lyric was still talking down on them - there was a post tournament dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, timed around Lyric’s birthday. She gave a speech at the table for her birthday, and was saying something about every single person there at the table. When she got to Lights, she mentioned how she was so thankful that Lights was back in her life and how much she loved that they had grown to be close friends again. Then after the dinner was over, Lyric went right back to shit talking Lights to everyone. This manipulation and back-stabbing to a newer person in the Smash community is absolutely disgusting.

I’d like to take a moment to publicly apologize to Lights and anyone else if me or any of our other friends may have acted cold to anyone under the influence of Lyric. As issues worsened that you’ll see over time with lies from Lyric, I have no idea what things she would have said about various people were true or not to get us to dislike them.

When the Philly situation went down with me in December and the first twitlonger was posted, Lyric was with me in person. This was a coincidence and not planned. We specifically chose not to include her in the planning process for the twitlonger because we knew she had many close ties to the Philadelphia community, being in a relationship with one of the players here and friends with many others, and we didn’t want to put her in the middle of everything. When it went down, for the remainder of the day she was hyping it up purely over the fact that it was drama that she lived for. She appeared to have supported me in person, but first failed to support me publicly in any way. The way she treated the situation with me was disgusting. It was not support as a concerned friend, it was living for the drama. We had spent the day together and had plans. She would ask me things like “how does it feel to cancel an entire city???” My response to questions like that would always be along the lines of “bad.” I didn’t want to do it. You think I wanted to endure all of the abuse and go through people hating me? Sometimes she would be able to rile me up to try and get some positive responses out of me to her, but it was an incredibly traumatic time in my life, that I’m still dealing with to this day. We were at the mall on this day, and as we drove home from the mall back to my apartment, we hit bad traffic. While sitting in traffic, she called one of her friends on her phone (that I did not know well at all) on speakerphone without prompt/asking me (already really disrespectful as a friend?) asking him if he “heard the tea” and talking about the Philadelphia drama with how insane it was that an entire city was getting canceled, speaking with excitement and ferocity. Just spilling the tea with her friend like it’s the headline of the week. All in front of me, fully silent. My pain and traumatic experiences were just drama to her, and all she cared about was the gossip to her friends.

A bit later, tensions would worsen. I tried to start to distance myself as being super close friends to her, but still tried to remain a level of friendship with her in effort for our Sailor Scouts crew and to keep peace at events. There was a particular Fusion weekly where while we didn’t talk much, I still said hi to her, and we talked briefly. Things seemed “okay”. Not great, but things were amicable between us. Then later that night post tournament, there were two groups for dinners going to different restaurants at slightly different times. I went to the earlier dinner at a restaurant, she went to a later one at a different restaurant. A good friend of mine was also at the later dinner that Lyric was at, and told me that her and her boyfriend were talking shit on me to the entire table, and Lyric also stated that me and her weren’t on speaking terms, even though I had literally spoken to her earlier that night with no ill-will.
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Ever since this I was done with her, and had no desire to be her friend. Her boyfriend then would be incredibly petty against me in the multiple tournament matches against me when we had to play a few times at Fusion, constantly trying to style on me and taunting me mid game with her watching just to rile me up. Her boyfriend, Beast, never did anything directly to me in the Philly situation back in December, but he was one of the community members that VERY OFTEN used the f slur and a lot of anti-LGBT speech freely at events, and was friends with people that were brought up in the twitlongers and hated me for it. Tensions would worsen as I would get death stares from her, she would avoid me any chance she got, and eventually as she started the rumors about me at Frostbite.

As things between us got really bad (this was right before Frostbite if I recall), shared friends of ours tried to patch things up between us, and she expected some apology from me. I honestly had no desire to fix things with her, I saw how toxic of a person she was and how she was treating me, but my friends kept pressuring me to do so - I suppose for peace in our community? To this day I still really don’t know what I could apologize for, I think it was to explain my side of the Philadelphia situation more to the Philly community because they felt slighted that I wasn’t the one who came forward about it - even though it was because I tried to privately and after being turned down, I physically couldn’t out of fear. They wanted to put pressure on me and blame me despite being the victim. It was heavy “not all Philly” vibes and basically pressuring me as the victim like I owed them something. For some reason I heavily considered doing this at first just to move on so I could try and enjoy tournaments more again, and agreed. The conversation was going to be in person, but unfortunately us meeting up at the same event didn’t happen for a few weeks due to various issues like being busy at work during certain weeklies and being unable to get there in time, and thus not going (every NJ weekly is 1.5+ hours from me, and we all know I can’t go to the Philly weeklies lmao). Then Frostbite weekend happened where I heard the rumors she was spreading about me, and I knew it was done. I was not apologizing or talking to her for whatever reason. I blocked her on all social media, removed myself from her private Twitter even, and moved on with my life.

At some points through this I saw her spread dirt on friends of mine, and even after severing ties, more friends told me of terrible things she had done to them - way worse than what I had to endure from her even. In the span of less than a year, one of my closest friends in the community (honestly for a bit last summer I considered Lyric one of my closest friends, period) became a vengeful force in my life that corroborated with the Philadelphia community that hurt me so bad in December. She would treat people like dirt behind their backs, then set out to start false rumors about me behind my back when she decided that she was done with me.


Since making my tweet last night about her:

She has DM’d me this:

“Okay so now that you unblocked me on Twitter I guess I can message you here. I'm going to tell you what I told Froot verbatim. As I said, I felt hurt that y'all distanced yourselves from me after I got back together with Joel. Not once am I going to say I was right for it, but especially with you, who never told me that you were upset about me making jokes about cancelling a city came to me and ACTUALLY SAID THAT TO ME. We on several occasions said we were going to talk and apologize to each other and it never happened. I was mad for that too. Not saying it was right, but you flaked 3 times which made it worse. When actually met with this shit, I will always sit down and talk. I obviously don't expect a conversation now or any time soon but I'm sorry. I was bitter and immature toward you just like I was with everyone else. Since finding out the truth, I've been trying to make my rounds and apologize and talk to the people I've hurt. Not asking you to take that post down because yes, in a way I do deserve it. But I will ask of you what I asked of Jinny and to just understand why I was so mad in the first place. I dont need to have a friendship with you guys. You guys have a very positive friend group now and I just do better being on my own. That's genuinely how I feel Christina. I really wish those apology talks happened because I feel like at that point, shit was savable. I defended you under Dyla's post because it was the right thing to do. Apologizing to you now is the right thing to do, I don't ask for forgiveness, I'm asking for understanding.”

I will address each part:

* She claims she was mad that we (me and my friends) distanced ourselves after she got back together with Joel (Beast). She had shared terrible stories after her first break-up with Joel where he was manipulating and controlling her and how terrible she felt over it. OBVIOUSLY as a concerned friend I’m going to try and discourage that relationship. She expressed to me that SHE DID NOT want to get back with him and wanted my help in it. She even had me watch over her at a weekly because she was afraid that she would fall for him again after seeing him in person. When they eventually started to become a thing again and she kept going towards him after everything she told me about disliking with him and his ties to the Philadelphia situation, of course I was going to start distancing from her after they got back together (along with all of the issues with her directly).

* As for talking to her about this apology she wanted before, I touched on this already in the document.

* I appreciate an attempt at an apology now in DMs, but she only sent me this after I called her out last night, and she still failed to address anything about rumors she spread about me. She probably doesn’t know that people told me about them. So no, I do not accept the apology.

* She mentions how she tried to defend me during issues like with Dyla’s post - but this just matches her personality like I’ve already pointed out. Publicly, she will act like a saint and attempt to do the right thing while in the spotlight - especially in this case of defending a fellow female commentator, but then privately be incredibly vengeful and spread lies and rumors about me.


Since my tweet last night, she has posted about it publicly:
(1 image)

Compare this to everything here. She did not just act out when she was hurt by a friendship (probably when she expected to meet up and get the apology from me as I mentioned), because she was a terrible person far before this.

But I will say this… While I do not think you are fit for this community at the moment or have the right to get close to anyone because of all the people you’ve harmed - this is not permanent. This can be solved. I think you can eventually bounce back from this in the future, but you need to severely correct your ways and treat people properly. I am not the only person you have hurt. I am FAR FROM the only person you’ve hurt. I have been told that others will likely be sharing things too, and I can only hope that they do. If anyone needs any assistance in speaking out, publicly or anonymously, I’m here to help.

For everyone else in the meantime:

Don’t get close to her. Don’t confide in her with any of your secrets or personal information. Don’t believe her to be a positive person in support of people. I failed to listen to the warnings of others and believe that she may have changed - but she never did.

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