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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My Side

I never thought I would be writing a Twitlonger so soon, and especially not in this fashion. This Twitlonger will be my response to the allegations placed upon me and the SCS as of recently. I'll be covering quite a bit so I hope I don't lose anybody. Nothing physical had happened since I had never met this person, nor would I would have wanted to go about it anyways.

I will try to explain everything to the best of my ability. All of this had happened in my older account and device that I no longer have access to due to a being locked from my account via 2FA issues.


Ella and I had met in an crew's server. Unaware of who Ella actually is/was since I had never interacted with Ella before, we had started playing friendlies as a way to kill time. As time had went on, Ella would then come to reciprocate interest in me. This has all been around a time where I did not see someone I had never met in person before the same way, mainly concerning the legitimacy of the relationship at the time and if this person was really who she had made herself to be. She had portrayed herself as someone who had lived in NY under the alias "Ella" and had been turning 17 at the time. After a considerable amount of discussion, and assuming that everything I was being told was true, I decided to give Ella the chance reluctantly.

As time had went on, I/my friend group had found out that Ella's name, age, location and photos shared with us were not of her, essentially catfishing/going under a different alias to not just myself, but to those around us as well. We had slowly learned of this after the fact that I said yes to someone that I shouldn't have. I WILL ADMIT AND TAKE ACCOUNTABILITY that I still gave Ella the chance after this was brought to light, due to already have been invested in the scenario in some way but moreso in leui to the fact that I was already told inaccurate information that has gotten me to where I am right now. How am I going to 100% take anything to face value after a number of people had been swayed to believe something else? This is my lack of a better judgement at hand. I had always thought of how awesome it would be to have someone to just be able to play video games with, as I've never had any kind of social group that shared my similiarities, so I allowed my own stubbornness and selfishness to decide, all without the intent of wanting anything more. At this point, I would much rather be name dropped as a player since this is what it mainly boils down to. Having this be from years ago and especially understanding my growth as a person after meeting my current girlfriend of almost 2 years, behavior like this will not be routine, accepted, and displayed by me, nor has it been with anybody else. At all.

I am fully aware that this does not give me a better look as a person and are aware that my wording can be seen as bs, but I have no other way of expressing the truth from MY standpoint, as someone who has been outed without anybody trying to discuss anything with me at all (I'll get to this later). Seeing that the one most directly involved with me at the moment is not looking down on me from moving past this, I hope that everyone can at least do the same. Numerous amounts of people hold my expectations high, as I am not inherently a bad person. This is in no way that I want to "push blame", as I am naturally open to discussing anything involving me and have no issue sharing my side of things and admitting to anything I've done. It's fair to say that there's 2 sides to each story; I am explaining mine now.

This had dwindled down and had eventually been put behind us as something that shouldn't have gotten this far in the first place. I had done nothing to make anyone feel like a victim and I can 100% confirm that even with the fact that I had screwed up, this is NOT who I am.


As stated in Alan's Twitlonger, "Ella" had not shown her actual appearance. The Twitlonger targets that only I knew what she had looked like. Other active figures back in this era of 3DS had also gotten to know her as well. I have not made any advances to willingly want anything that you can practically look up on the internet for, especially with the fact that we were already misled with who she really was. Even if this was not the case, I still hold and understand boundaries on a high regard. Nothing of the sort remains/will or would ever remain from someone I never met, or in general.

The Smash Crew Server had briefly been brought up. Getting this out of the way now that the SCS holds absolutely nothing to the message being portrayed towards me. This would be a good time to explain how it works though..


For a brief definition of the SCS, it is wifi's central crew hub where users can find a crew for whatever their needs may be, whether it's competitive oriented or looking for a friendly bunch.

As should most servers of the magnitude of the SCS, the server has it's own rules and regulations in order to protect, assist and serve both the players and the server to work efficiently. During the time alluded, the rules have been updated to match current standards, but have generally been the same through the years. Any and all topics and issues within the community MUST have discussion before a decision is made. This is to prevent a singular person from making heavy choices without much thought into it, something I'm famously accused of. Being the one who had been the messenger of the staff's conclusions a lot of the time and flat out owning the server, it's natural to see it as me pulling things out of thin air.

For server maintenance, the staff does a great job in keeping balance of good and bad traffic and will mute or remove anyone trying to disrupt tranquility in the public channel(s) which is what Alan and AL and friends had tried to do (Alluding to the "power hungry heirarchy" comment.) As filler as this may be, I believe that the context for the server needed to be understood.

I'd also like to itterate that, to my knowledge, there has not been ANY recording of a blacklist over something such as that. BL's, which are much more of an important manner, also require discussion before a notice is given. While I do not want to name drop if need be, the current owner of the SCS, BurnerV2, can verify this.

My position in the SCS has given me much blessings over the years but even I cannot deny that I couldn't be there for everyone that needed or reached to me for something. The SCS has a multitude of staff members so this scenario would theoretically never be an issue. This has been corrected thanks to the revamping of the SCS, where users can report to 4 different categorized group of staff members.Whether someone feels like I have wronged them due to the older system in the past, I hope that people may find forgiveness in times that I was not able to provide.

Post Twitlonger

Shortly before I was aware that the Twitlonger had been released, I had been contacted from BurnerV2 in regards to what's been going on. I had shared my side of the situation and have been cooperative with answering any questions that he had asked me, to which we had then found that the SCS had gotten name dropped unfairly.

Because allegations had been brought up about the SCS, we had decided to attempt to contact Alan on everything and to find out what exactly the SCS had done to be mentioned. He left our group DM as soon as we attempted to discuss what had happened. Alan had also avoided answering to Burner about the matter and in regards to leadership over his members as well.

The group AL has had affiliates who did not see eye to eye with the way things that me/the SCS has done much of anything. Whether it's legit or for memes, a number of individuals involved have historically broken violations with the SCS guidelines and have been blacklisted in the past, along with continously displaying toxic behavior that does not need to take place in any public server.

Only one vocal side has been giving information that should be asked to me to begin with, as someone that has no problem addressing something, ESPECIALLY about me. From the past of the SCS to alledged recollections of meeting me in person, it's apparently out in the air, such as this:

The point I am trying to make again is that there will always be 2 sides to any story. I have never met this user irl, nor do they have any form of bracket results showing we were in the same tournament, ALONG with a conversation history OR follow up of said event to validate this. The only people who confront me of anything regarding a relationship are those that were in my inner circle, as I was concerned that her exposure to the scene would not be a healthy one, especially given that she does not follow the scene avidly. There can also be no actual way to verify said conversation when nobody has really bothered to reach to me, the most involved, about it. These have been the kind of things I've constantly have to deal with in regards to the most vocal of me.


I have spent much of my night into dawn in making sure that I did not miss a beat in my side of this whole scenario and I hope this gives insight to people wondering what I had to say.

Since then, I have revoked my ownership of the SCS, something that has been held near and dear to me more than anything in an attempt to prove that I am NOT what I am being outed to be. With all of this in mind and other variable factors changing in my personal life, and spending more time with my family and sisters before I had moved, I understand that I still failed, in all of this and the SCS. I had brought it to myself to distance myself from most things Discord related in order to regain a proper quality of life, which I had done my best to showcase within my local scene. Getting my life together and going on a much more better path has truly been the blessing I had missed out on, next to not getting to meet my local scene any soon than when I had.

I again, am taking accountability in things I have had control over, which was my horrible and selfish judgement of a younger and less settle'd down me in order to drag a online relationship that, realistically, would not have lasted long. Not with how the direction of my life had/has been going.

And even with this said and done, again, there had seem to be those that rather openly express their views on me from looking at one side of the story, rather than coming to me for some validation. I understand how horrible of a time this is for our community, and I have actively vouched on things needing an immediate change wherever I had went to. I always believed in a better tomorrow and focus on that aspect of life rather than what weighs us down at the moment. It is especially hurtful when people who I thought were my friends just 180'd me without a proper chance for me to explain my point of view. This is not to say that those feelings should not be valid, I had just wish for a more civil approach. Without a doubt, I need anyone viewing me with said feelings to understand that I truly do share the same view. I am still the same MVP, whom has spent much of his free time trying my best to provide whatever I can/could for my local scene and to provide an extra shoulder to lean on in whatever corner of wifi I go to. I'm still the same Mvp that's sacrificed his own time and needs to make sure somebody is in good hands before I'm taken care of.

I hope in some way and form, I was able to convey my thoughts properly. If you've made it this far, I honestly thank you for reading all of this, and especially thank you to those that had reached out to me. I still understand that it's me vs the world for now, but the support structure has helped so much in helping me shape my words much better than how I had tried to explain earlier.

As I've tweeted before, let's all do better. I hope my actions today + especially from when I started attending tournaments portray this and does the talking for me.

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