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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

my story.

I've been so insanely conflicted i have had no idea what to do at all. I personally have seen the way Anita has gotten while drunk first hand and seen he harass a close friend of mine. It was no secret that at one point i was quite smitten by her. i even went as far as to ask her out at one point and she said no, i joking said okay ill try again in a few years, I'm playing the long game. Obviously a joke to save some face, I'm not so sad as to wait multiple years pining over a person who didn't want me. Despite that we continued to be friends and go to events together. I'm not even sure how it came about but we became cuddle buddys, which was supposed to be just cuddling and thats it. until one night where she decided she was gonna rub he ass against my privates in bed and say "dick dick dick" and then grabbed it. I AM NO SAINT! lets make that clear, i thought in my head wow, i guess theres going to be more to this than just cuddle friends, I attempted to touch her back and she allowed it a little and then stopped it. i was pretty confused but i accepted it. this kept up for prob a little over a month with the most confusing signals of my life. I didn't realize at the time how i was being used completely by her, i was too blinded at the moment. at this point i guess i should mention ling ling was living with me at the time, the best peach in ct, she would come over to play smash with him and i and i thought nothing of it, not until ling ling moved out and then she abruptly ended our friendship. Not only was i baffled as to why this was happening the entire group chat that it took place in was confused. i had heard about her doing this with other people but i thought no way, not her, not to me. It became clear that she had a pattern of using people to get what she wanted and it didnt matter who it hurt. Theres so much more to this but my brains are really scrambled after these past few days. Ive been so afraid to say anything being a "man" feeling like no one would ever believe me or perhaps this would turn into a he said she said so i kept quite. I let a predator continue their behavior unchecked and for that i am so sorry everyone. i have failed you.

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