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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

DJ Nintendo's attempts to groom and sexually exploit a minor (me) in 2016-2017

My name is Ali, my gamertag is Aliylian, and this is my story of how I met DJ Nintendo online and his multiple attempts to meet me, groom me, and have sex with me, an underage girl at the time. I was 16 through 17 years old during this time, while DJ Nintendo (Hendrick) was 32 and turning 33 (now 35). He 100% always knew about my age, and it was never a problem for him.

I met him when I was 16 through Smash4 online. I had impressed him during online teams, and afterward we shared discord information through the Smash Wii U tags, along with a friend of his... We maintained conversation through Discord ONLY, for a while. Once DJ and I started talking, he was quick to have us jump onto voice chat, from there DJ had already begun flirting. He commented on my southern accent and how it sounded very "pleasing" to him. He tried to speak in a seductive voice asking me about LIKING his New York accent, his gameplay, his commentary, and how much I impressed him with my gameplay by constantly going "Oooooo" or "ohhh nice i like that girl," in VERY (and I CANNOT stress this enough) sexual manners, (even though I was BAD at the game).

Soon afterward, he wanted to take our conversations to Facebook Messenger and soon after that, Snapchat. He kept engaging in the same grooming behavior through Snapchat (but even WORSE) as he was doing through Facebook. DJ explicitly tried multiple times to coerce me to let him fly me out to huge smash tournaments as his DATE with intent to hide my age from everyone. He suggested I go with him to tournament after-parties to "hangout, have fun, let loose with each other, dance and drink together," though I was underage. I teased about how people might get jealous of me getting to team with him at tourneys, as a typical fangirl/boy would, and he agreed, following up that others would be jealous of him because he would "have a cutie around his arm." Once, he told me he was flying out to my home state of North Carolina at the time for a tournament, I assume, and he asked many times to hang out in my area or New York, at his expense.

When DJ and I started talking on Snapchat, he was quick to send pictures of his body and partial boxer shots (enough to imply where he'd like my attention to be, totally inappropriate of a man twice my age), showing off his body/muscles asking me "Do you like what you see?" He asked for some back of my body "because I showed you mine, why can't I see a little of yours," and continued to message me back to back multiple times when I didn't engage with them trying to guilt trip me. I never showed sexual interest, EVER.

Things got even darker when he tried to constantly peer pressure me to send nudes or sext him back, even once mentioning that he would pay for nude pictures and videos. He was starting to make me feel as though I could benefit the most from this situation if I exposed myself to him and by agreeing to meet with him to have sex, saying things like "When's the next time you'll be able to say this happened with someone like me," and he tried to make me feel good about meeting him and making the decision to sleep with him by using his fame.

Being young and absolutely in awe of DJ Nintendo for even TALKING TO ME out of ALL PEOPLE (because let's be honest, he had a bit of fame, and I was bad, really bad at the game, why me you know?), I decided to ignore this inappropriate behavior, and only really wanted to engage in smash-related topics, because I did ultimately want to become a better player, and I felt in regards to smash we had some mutual respect because he would sometimes act like a mentor and said several times that I had potential for being his doubles partner. However, he STILL continued to send me images and videos of himself drunk, dancing with everyone, videos of the smash after-parties, telling and begging me that he wished he had some form of physical contact with me, etc.

I've attached some images of these Facebook conversations, photo proof of our ages, and one of him wishing me a happy 18th birthday on my Facebook wall. Unfortunately, I've deleted the old Snapchat, Discord and Instagram accounts in which I used to talk with him years ago, trying to erase those times with him from my thoughts as they made me feel disgusted with myself to reflect back on. The worst message I have on record is him saying, "You're super cute and I wanna meet you too. I'm in bed alone and wish you were here to snuggle with me. Although it can lead to more things if you're down :P"

I've come to realize this community has a huge issue of weirdos, pedophiles, and generally BAD people who want to take advantage of their positions, and it's our duty to remove these people. I didn't give Hendrick a chance to seriously hurt me beyond recovery, and I have moved on, but he could've done long lasting damage to someone else out there who's still hurting. He could've really physically and mentally gotten to someone, and I'm doing my part to prevent him from doing something like this again. DJ, your good friend D1 has the same bad habits as you and he addressed his problems, now it's time for you to address yours.


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