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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

My experiences with Daryeus/Mystic/NiGHTS/Crimsonbloood

I'm just going to be sharing my experiences with Daryeus. I don't remember my first time meeting him, but I do remember my initial feelings towards Daryeus were that of just seeing him as another awkward member of the smash club at UMA. I treated him more or less the same as I did everyone else and didn't give it any more thought.

Our first couple of interactions were normal: meeting at club, playing some games and talking. However, after a certain period of time had passed he suddenly started commenting on how he was attracted to my body, things he would do with me, and other things along those lines. Some examples were unwarranted and creepy comments like "you're so thick", "knock me up, but only after we get married". As another example he once posted an image of two smash characters in game looking like they were kissing and commenting "me and milt". I ignored them thinking after the first couple he'd realize I'm not interested in him and he'd stop, but they never really stopped up until the point he was eventually banned from attending club and events in the area.

I think my biggest regret when dealing with him was just taking a "deal with it and ignore it" type attitude towards the times he'd harass me. I think it's probably because of a combination of me having dealt with much worse sexual harassment and assault in high school, and me not being good with confrontation. Regardless, my inaction allowed him to continue this behavior for longer and with other friends of mine and for that I deeply apologize.

I hope this gives people more insight on the type of person Daryeus is. Just as important, I hope this doesn't take away from the experiences he's had as a victim of sexual harassment and assault.

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