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The EVO2017, Obsession, Rumors, Priscilla Rose Sortino and Harassment

Mom if you find this please close the document right now.


Screenshot bank over three years:
Please pay attention I have some notes under them to guide you.

I’m tired of being silent on a series of events that has led to rumors being exaggerated to the entire community about me and a situation regarding EVO 2017 between me and DJ Jack(Danny). I’m going to attempt to explain the ENTIRE situation because I have never publicly spoken the truth and everything everyone has heard was never directly from me, the only source available. I will do my best to show you how three “South Florida Drama” events are all relevant to me in a chronological order, as well as the motivations for some characters.As well as the situation because it’s the only way you will understand my actions and decisions at the time.

Me at the time of EVO: I’m currently 16-17 years old dating a 19-20 year old man who goes by the tag Hoover, and has now changed it to Legosi. You might recognize the name as he is banned as he dated and physically abused Koi. Now that you know who he is, I am in an emotionally abusive relationship with an older guy. I don’t remember how long we had been dating just like a couple months or something. I considered myself lucky to have a muscular masculine guy like me. This is my background going into EVO weekend, keep this in mind.

What happened at EVO: I am the only credible source of this information as Danny had historically suffered from a drinking problem and would get blackout drunk often. This was my first time seeing him this drunk and it took me a while to realize that I wasn’t talking to the same person almost. Which means he didn’t remember anything and I had to tell him at a later date. Day 1 of EVO I finish my pools and get a random text from Danny that says “come to my room ####” I reply asking what’s up but he never answers so I just go anyway, I knock on the door and R(I will refer to this person as R not really important) opens the door, I ask Danny why he invited me but he says he forgot he did. Confused, I just hang out and then R leaves to watch our friends play their matches, so now it’s just Danny and I in the room. Danny is already drunk I can tell but I didn’t know he got belligerent. It was very obvious once he tried playing Mewtwo to warm me up for Wadi he couldn’t even really stay on the stage. We stop playing and he asks about my R2 pools, i say i’m scared of Wadi and that i’m probably going to lose and he slaps me in the face and tells me not to think like that, the hit wasn’t hard but it wasn’t soft. His sentences are repetitive and weird and it all happened really fast but before I knew it he was petting my head, then kissing my forehead, then my back was against a wall him over me. Bear in mind I’ve been friends with Danny for 2-3 years at this point and always had a crush on him so I never felt violated by anything he did that night except for some of the things he said. “Why do you think i’m so sexy” hurt alot for some reason, he’d known I liked him it seemed. However it took me a long time to realize after this happened to me that a 25 year old and me a 16 year old was never my fault. He initiates a kiss on me while I’m against the wall and I kiss him back but after a couple seconds I push him off because he was dating Vikkikitty who I am closer with. I feel immediate sickness and guilt for kissing him back. I try to get him to just knock out on the bed since he’s dizzy drunk at this point I go to leave and he wanted to go too and as we are near the door that is when Vikki arrives and it just looks like we’re talking. She’s confused as to why we’re just standing there but we both act normal. He instantly goes to sleep on command by her, I felt so frenzied I didn’t know what to do out of guilt. I admit what happened and that I kissed him back, but she’s more concerned for me and wishes she got here earlier to stop him. We had a silent moment of emotions. I left the room. Things to note that got exaggerated in rumors. Vikki was NOT present when anything happened; she was commentating the entire day. The situation regarding intimacy did not escalate past that one kiss. WE DID NOT HAVE SEX OR TAKE OFF ANY CLOTHES.
Danny wakes up at like 1AM or something with no recollection and I had to tell him what he did. I promised I was not going to tell anyone because I knew bad things could come of it to my friend so I tried very hard not to but it was killing me. I go to my room after telling him and go to sleep for the tourney tomorrow. That’s the gist of the EVO situation. Danny messages me and he’s deeply sorry and sick with himself. He would later self-remove himself from the scene shortly after, if you’re wondering he has since then gone to therapy and fixed his life. Vikki broke up with him shortly after as well.

Fast forward a few weeks and I’m at a local, the EVO situation gave me the final push to break up with Hoover, like an idiot child I just used it as an excuse and said “something happened” and I that I just wanted to be alone. He wouldn’t take no for an answer so after I won the local I’m about to leave and he comes from behind me in the hallway corridor and begs me to tell him, being weak I eventually tell him “someone touched me and I just don’t feel comfortable, I wanna be alone.” I leave and at 4am, I’m home, he’s texting me begging me to get back with him I don’t have screens of these but much of Florida knows we were in a relationship so i don’t think I need to prove much here and I tried to say no but said yes eventually because I was scared he was going to tell people. Jokes on me he told everyone in this large discord with a bunch of people from my region that follow him mindlessly. He’s really good at being overly nice and manipulating people to think he’s amazing just like Priscilla. I never once spoke out about this story. The entire rumors spread about me were lies made by Hoover at first I didn’t even give him a name so he started spreading that it was Tamim and that we had sex. That’s just the liar he is, you can easily see why the future would have people asking me if it were true, it being true varied from different people and different acts. I told him to stop and leave me alone that it was a kiss and nothing more. The rumor began spreading and discord groups didn’t help it wasn’t long til the entire state and even other states knew. This is also how the information got into Priscilla’s hands. Priscilla (@ThePriscilla) has historically and continues to have what I can only describe as a freakish vendetta for Vikki. I don’t know if it’s jealousy but there is something seriously wrong with her obsession that I can only prove with the images attached. Others from South Florida can testify to Port's hate for Vikki. Her main reason for attacking Vikki for the events of EVO was the one it was her boyfriend and that she is a hypocrite to not speak out about it. Port believes “Vikki only gets hired for commentary because she was violated by Hyuga” from 8Bitman her ex-boyfriend of 4 years. The PRIME difference is Hyuga is a stranger that Vikki feels a public statement could help other women. Vikki has no right to say what happened to ME, plus are all friends so we handled it in private. Port will go after Vikki for not going public against Danny even if we had him leave quietly, also she was respecting that the situation was mine to choose to handle internally or externally.

Now a situation occurred, two players Morpheus and Koi were dating, the region became aware that Koi cheated on Morpheus with Hoover, my very recent ex. Hoover told everyone and bragged about having sex with Koi so the whole region already knew. Even though this happened this was the start of Hoover Deya a completely different problem on it’s own but you have proof at the end of my false facebook post that I tried to warn her about him being terrible. A certain group chat paid $26 to pay Child to make a tweet that essentially replied to Morph/Koi on a thread saying that she cheated making her aware everyone knew. Koi was very upset, Priscilla then tries to step in and starts a hunt with 8Bitman(Brett, her boyfriend at the time) and demands all of the group chats of SFL give logs to them so they can search it and find out who paid the $26 to Child. Priscilla then makes a Twitlonger omitting information to benefit her. Port blocked all involved AND knowing people before making her posts on Twitter which makes her posts look uncontested since no one with the truth can even say anything, a complete echo chamber. Vague posts such as this. (SFL, Child, Aftermath) providing vague information, without the full situation, and random moral filler lines for positive publicity.
Bear in mind Vikki is asleep the entire time this is happening. Priscilla tries to tie Child’s actions to Vikki. Child is Vikki’s best friend, Vikki hasn’t done anything wrong so Priscilla always tries to treat the people affiliated with Vikki as a direct force to drag her and try to ruin her career. She treats Vikki as an extension of the wrongdoings of people around her. Pay attention that in both situations Priscilla chooses to focus on Vikki, not me or Deya. Even from the beginning when Priscilla and I were on fine terms not ever ONCE did she try to reach out to me or ask me anything. After they find nothing of the group chat search Brett apologizes to everyone on facebook because he didn’t really believe in what Priscilla was doing.

If you can’t tell by now Priscilla and Brett HATE Vikki and Danny, the

A loaded twitter reply from 8bitman to DJ Jack (in gallery) calls Danny out for the events of EVO publicly on twitter. This is the beginning of my situation going public after taking some time to spread. This was Brett’s fire at Danny and the beginning of my situation being brought into the light, Priscilla then begins a large facebook post about the version of EVO she had heard of, keep in mind people only have my exes twisted words. I remember waking up to so many messages that she was pressuring the situation. To explain my actions best please understand I am a 16 year old dealing with this, everything changed here in my community experiences. I made a decision to lie about the night of the EVO incident to protect Danny cause I was attracted to him and protect Vikki because I already felt shitty enough about kissing her boyfriend. I want it to be clear I made my own decision without consulting really anyone. I made a post lying about the incident that I was the one who initiated actions as provided. This changed everything from this point, most people bought it, some didn’t. Either way between rumors and this post people treated me VERY differently. The take away to understand is that I felt pressured by Priscilla’s actions to go public on a situation that should be MY choice in the way I deal with it. If you can’t tell I want this to work and for her to leave me alone. Don’t be fooled all she wanted was to out Vikki’s boyfriend as a pedo with drinking problems and drag her down. Knowing this I was so angry at her actions I chose the fuck you option but she never bought it and would NEVER leave me alone. Always vaguely reposting about how Florida is so trash and why she left. Do you realize at this point this information should not have even been out but my 19 year old ex deceived me by begging me to tell him, proceeded to spread it to the entire region and she then takes an abusers leaking of the victim’s experience who btw doesn’t want to go public and decides to use it for her own purposes of attacking Vikki and matching her agenda. I know how stupid it sounds but she’s literally that insane and obsessed and I know I will have many others to back me on the events of this time as not everything could be found on screenshots. Again, what Danny did was wrong and we dealt with it in private.

I was recently made aware of someone else’s experiences with Port which I will leave for you all to interpret yourselves:

Time again she will release this Twitlonger about her leave from Florida Smash:
Please take note of her word choices. I would never say Hyuga’d, “don’t let port find out” isn’t a thing, no one cares about you weirdo.

Everyone in Florida knows Port’s behaviors and I find it very hard to show you how crazy she is in a single twitlonger but Kiwi’s experiences I feel help you understand the type of lying, stealing, manipulative, controlling, cheating, hypocritical, obsessive, disgusting, and fabricating spider i’m talking about. The sad part is there are so many more people Port has hushed but I hope they take control too and the community will not let blackmail screenshots hurt victims.
As far as Vikki goes I have left sick and disturbing victim blaming screens of Priscilla victim blaming Vikki and even suggesting she set Hyuga up. Yeah all 7 people in that room definitely had a reason to set up and trap Hyuga, ingenious Port. I can’t say enough how these rumors and lies have changed my interactions with people, I have been harassed at majors and locals, had to report violent threats from multiple and groups of 20-24 year old men as I am 16. I can’t say how grateful I was to those who met me for the first time and didn’t judge me based on what they had heard, it sucks hearing so many times “you’re nothing like what I heard”. I’m not gonna go into her grimy personal life but she leaves Florida and has tweeted at least once a year about my situation vaguely. I’m happy to discover it seems a lot of you are onto her shitty manipulative ways, at least more than 3 years ago. Smash was my escape, everyone used to be my friend and I used to be nice to everyone, the EVO incident of 2017 changed Smash forever for me. If you cared about the victim you would’ve talked to me, not tried to use my incident to pressure me into saying what you wanted. There’s the complete truth.

When no one would believe her she begged Wrath to give her screenshots from me against my will and he does because he believes he’s doing the right thing, she also has disturbing things she’s said at times clearly relevant to the situation such as FreeHyuga.

This is earlier when someone I have never met Twitlongered me based on what they knew.

Let me be clear no one from my region cares about Priscilla a bit. Some say Florida witch hunts Priscilla when in reality when she said something about my situation I stayed silent cause I thought it would just go away. My friends are the ones to always retaliate in my stead. But no people like you aren’t ever satisfied. Port found a way to interject herself into a situation that had nothing to do with her then preach justice to you all on twitter while sorely disrespecting the victim at all times just so she could get some damage on Vikki. This time try actually leaving, take your alt with you and your burner. Port stays tweeting about moving on from FL yet won’t go away over someone who was privately dealt with. She needs to leave Vikki alone with whatever her disgusting problem. Next time you tweet about leaving never come back you abused and manipulated your ex and you disgust me.

-Xoxo MuteAce

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