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3rd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Anita (Ameba) sexually harassed me and Bo Beridan (EXPLICIT)

the timing of this seems suspicious as it's something that happened last year, i understand, but it's very crucial to say since it's been on my mind for a while, and I don't want to hide any more, and i hope you read this with an open mind exuding events that have occurred in the last hour.

to corroborate that i am not writing this to "protect" anybody, here are screenshots dating back to January where i have discussed this with other people. I have protected the identities of everyone involved, as they would like to remain hidden.


Anita (ameba) has sexually harassed me, and sexually assaulted my friend Bo Beridan. I asked for his permission to post this, as he doesn't use social media. i'm gonna start with his story, as it happened before me.

Around October of 2018, TMPR / Ed, invites myself and a few others over to have a Lan party to celebrate the release of COD Black Ops 4, as we all love COD. Anita and Bo both came. Throughout the night, Anita was drinking with some other friends, and she sat next to Bo while they played smash. Out of nowhere, she grabs his dick through his jeans. he looks at her and says to her "What the fuck? did you just grab my dick?" She giggles, Ed says "you won't do that again", and she does it again. Completely unprompted and without him even saying anything, not even giving consent. Later in the night, we're all talking and they bring up that she sexually assaulted Bo. She gets defensive and says that she didn't, when there were multiple people who *watched* her, and she giggles and says "Oh i guess i did, haha." a couple weeks go by and she denies doing it at all and saying she doesn't remember AGAIN. From there, i'm not sure what they talked about in private but to this day, they do not talk to each other, and myself and Anita were still on talking terms.

As for my story, this dates back to May of last year, right before Brewhall Beatdown. Myself and Anita were staying at Ed's house, as he was going to the tournament to drop off set ups, and offered to drop us off. that night some friends came over for a "party" of sorts. we all mostly just played smash and drank, myself included. i just turned 20 around that time and no one really found it too bad that i was drinking, Anita herself even offering to do shots with me. the night goes on, people start leaving, and around 2-3AM i'm still pretty drunk, i'm not sure if Ed was, but I know Anita wasn't drunk anymore, as she stopped drinking earlier and it was pretty late, but i still kept drinking. she gets bored of playing smash and suggests we play Truth or Dare, which myself and Ed agreed to. At one point, she dares me to flash her. Anita is 30 (iirc), asking me, someone 10 years her former in a relationship, to flash her aka pull my dick out. I'm super uncomfortable and still pretty drunk, and she offers to, and I quote: "Show you my labia." to which i said i really don't want to see that either, again, i'm in a fucking relationship. I'm still uncomfortable and she then says to me "You can just flash your balls, you don't have to flash your dick." I don't know what I was thinking at all, if anything at all, and to not "ruin the fun" i did it. I try to start laughing it off and they laugh it off with me, and to try to ease up i take another shot, Anita cheering me on. I feel super embarrassed at this point and we play a couple more rounds before we go to bed. I don't bring it up the next day, and we forget about it. I still attempted to be civil with her through the next few months, and we were. I never confronted her about this because I recall how she reacted to the situation with Bo and she denied it and even tried to flip the situation on him, and i was afraid of her doing that to me and was worried if she did it would affect my relationship.

I know this is pretty graphic and hard to hear, but Anita on multiple occasions is known to drink and following it, something happen.

It feels important to iterate that I am NOT defending Ed and his actions that he did to her. I wasn't there and cannot give input on that, but this is not an attempt to protect him. like i said, i've been thinking about this for a while, and only feel confident coming out now.

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