About Eden

You probably know about Eden and what has happened. I am disgusted to have ever called him my friend. I met him at Off the Rails and he seemed nice. I was wrong. He eventually joined FRND and we were happy to have him. I never noticed anything wrong. How foolish I was. I should have realised.
In the FRND discord server I remember him complaining in our Vent channel about girls and how stuff never worked out. I should’ve realised. I was so blind. So naïve. Even someone I called my friend betrayed me.
I was still kind of in shock after hearing about the ban. We didn’t know anything and so we were hesitant to say anything. We kinda hoped Eden would say something to the FRND members who were out of state, those who didn’t know. But he never did. Eventually I finally asked people for evidence, and once I received it, I brought it to the attention of the other members. As of now he has been banned from FRND and rightfully so.
Fuck Eden. I hope I’m never near him again. I’m sorry I didn’t see the truth. Anyways. That’s all I have to say. If anyone ever needs anything please DM me. I keep my DMs open for a reason. I might not be the most helpful but I’ll sure as hell listen if you need it.

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