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If you are a family member or a friend of mine outside of smash I suggest for your own sake you do not read this

This is the hardest post I've ever had to make for many reasons, reading through old messages is making me realize how fucked up it all is, what was done to me, but I've also repressed how shitty of a person I was during this time too. I've already made peace with the people I hurt during this time but I'm also ready to face the consequences of my actions if that's deemed necessary. I truly believe I was both a victim but also an accomplice, I've known for too long what kind of a person he is and did nothing because I was afraid of my own dirty laundry getting out and I truly apologize for this. I'm also not a great writer I just want to get all my experiences down so this might be all over the place

I joined Smash United as the melee/PM streamer for CRT in early 2016, I was 17 and still in high-school at the time, Remo was 27 or 28 at the time. I was terrible at the game but wanted to help the community so when a post was made in the Houston Smash 4 page looking for a streamer I messaged Remo willing to help. I began streaming for SFC in mid 2016. Shortly after my 18th birthday an interaction happened in which after I was added to a group chat featuring me Remo, and 4 other people 2 of which were minors. Everything went down in this chat, persuasion to exchange nudes, talks of sex, everything. During this time I was a senior in highschool and in a relationship and I still took part in this, but it was all enabled by Remo, eventually this chat led to us consistently meeting at Remo's house for nights of drinking smash and whatever else happened. Rereading through this chat was fucking hell for me, I had honestly repressed how bad it was. He had a roommate that was vehemently against everything that was happened but we still continued. Multiple minors getting drunk in a very sexual environment, in one instance we were just playing smash while he almost had his dick sucked right next to us. This wasn't just OCM where sometimes minors get drunk it was a close knit group of young people the oldest under Remo being 19 and then Remo who was significantly older than all of us. The first time I ever drank was at that house, and I know for a fact that sexual acts were done involving Remo and a minor during this time. I won't elaborate for their protection but I know it happened. But I stayed in this group for several months, I did have genuine friends in it. I've been frightened to come about this for years because during this time I was also aggressively sexual to people in the group due to that being the atmosphere in the group, if anyone saw how I talked and how this group went down I'd be done for. Eventually I left the group after a falling out with another member. I switched over to melee/PM and stopped going to smash 4 events, but I remained in SU just focusing on other games and big events.

I moved past this era as a dark part in my timeline that I learned from and didn't talk about with anyone. Now talking to other people that were involved honestly I got off the easiest most of them left this with real trauma

Remo would still hit me up from time to time when he was drunk or horny

Remo often liked to talk about how he was trying so hard to get better to improve as a person, how he changed but obviously he didn't
Fast Forward to Ultimate and I reunited with Remo to help out with Ultimate and the same shit was happening. OCM house was still a house filled with debauchery and minors getting drunk

I don't know what else to say, I'll answer any questions anyone has I'm sorry I kept this for so long, thank you for listening

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