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2nd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

In Response to false allegations from my ex

Firstly I'm denying these accusations from @george_4man claiming that I had non-consensual intercourse with her. I have evidence of her admitting she's a pathological lair for her own self benefit regardless of the situation. A part of the evidence some of you may question her comment about a "screen recorder." At the time I did not trust her and I had let her know while I was at work i'm going to leave my screen recorder on just in case she tried to use my social networks without my permission. Many of our mutual friends had first hand experience seeing how toxic our actual relationship was. As in any relationship we had verbal altercations that would eventually be more about hurting each other. Eventually she ended up lying to me about cheating on me with another guy whose conversation with me can be seen also in the pictures below. The third party who will not be named has given me consent on sharing the information provided talking about her behaviors. I'm not the first person she's falsely accused of rape as in shown in the 3rd picture "Worst of all, she's making me out to be a f*cking criminal when i'm absolutely f*cking not."


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