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2nd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

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My experience with MVP

MVP situation

This is not my story but it still took a lot of courage to put myself on the spotlight like this, however I know this is the right thing to do.

Now that all wrong doings are coming to light at this time, one more must be discussed. Now that people are taking this sort of thing seriously, as it should’ve been taken from the start. This does not have to do with me personally but a member of the philly smash community by the tag MVP. This is to expose MVP as a pedophile, something we have tried for years but nothing was done.

As many of you know MVP used to be a head official of the WiFi smash community. During the smash 4 days I was a very active member of the community and those of you that play WiFi might recognize my old tag hookshot or know of the crews I used to be in most notably AL (After Life). We were always treated unjustly by the crew server ran by MVP. Who is a pedophile. MVP was 21-22 dating a 15 year old girl who went by the name of Ella. This is not her real name, she asked to be unnamed during all of this, which I will respect.

A WHOLE GOOGLE DOC was created to expose this and Nothing, I mean NOTHING, was done about it.

He also in fact knew that she was underage and told her to not worry about the age difference! Not only did everyone in the crew server know about this and do absolutely nothing! They made our crew stop talking about it and would blacklist our players and our crew! A huge power heirarchy to shut us up!

During their relationship which lasted a few months, she sent him sexual pictures. She admits that they were not of her as she was insecure at the time but that’s because she was 15! And he was an fully grown man! Whether they were her or not, he was under the impression that they were of her. That means he thought he was looking at CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! A federal offense! Lucky for him they were not really of her as that could mean prison time.

I am hoping now; with all events going on that this will finally get the justice it deserved and to remove another evil from the community.

Btw this is the same guy!

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