My story, and how Pugwest took advantage of me.

Hello. I want to start this off by saying that I probably never would have come forward with this had so many other brave people shared their stories, and I thank them for it. I feel like it's my responsibility to this community to help make it a better place, and that is why I am sharing this with you.
I was 16 back in 2017, and just recovering from a bad breakup, which was in part due to an ex of mine, who is mostly unrelated to this. What you do have to know about it, is that I was in a bad place because of it. I came to the smash community after this breakup, and, given I played Marth at the time, discovered Pugwest.
I quickly became fairly obsessed with the guy, I admit. I was completely infatuated with him, and I would have done (and did) anything to get his attention. When I joined Twitter that same year, I immediately followed him, wound up talking to an acquaintance of his to get his attention, and eventually wound up having conversation with him in my DMs.
It wasn't innately sexual at first, though at some point, I sent him a selfie, and he complimented me on my appearance, so I sent another, and this quickly spiraled out of control.
I know I shouldn't have been sending such things to him, I understand that now. At the time, I didn't realize my own self worth, and that I was worth more than trading pictures of my body for a follow and some attention on social media. That was wrong of me, but he was the adult in the situation, and he should never have encouraged it.
I've included some screenshots of our conversations. They're a little graphic, so take mind of that before reading. I no longer remember exactly what order these were in, I saved them at the time because back then, they were a treasure to me.
I think there's not much more I can say that isn't said by these screenshots. I continued to send him images for a period of time going into 2018, and then stopped when I switched Twitter accounts.
I want to make this community a safer place, so please share this.
Thank you for reading.

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