My response to Chemx as the unnamed underage teenager from her story

I'd like to begin by saying I hate twitter but I only have an account to read and respond to political tweets. I never thought I'd have to actually use it for something like this.

When I met RockCrock he was nice and helpful. He never made me feel uncomfortable or pushed his own agenda onto me. I always acted older I have 4 older brothers I became mature at a young age and I looked older than I was. There was joking and "flirting" but never anything serious or with any intent what so ever. He was just my older brothers friend who we ended up becoming friends as well and if ChemX saw our friendship as more than that shes very ignorant and I never met her or saw her in real life I didn't even know who she was until TODAY 7/2/2020.

So for her to use my story as a catalyst for her outing RockCrock as a pedophile is disgusting beyond words and had no business using me my story or anything involving ME in her posts. It all needed to stay her experiences and what she saw and felt when it came to discussing RockCrock to everyone that she felt the need to make a twitlonger about him.

Since I've I have spoken out against her using me she has blocked me on twitter so I can no longer stop her from spreading these false accusations! She keeps saying that you don't have to believe me to my brother but its MY STORY WHY WOULD RENTH OR ANYONE ELSE BELIEVE HER OVER ME WHEN IT DIRECTLY IS MY LIFE MY STORY SITUATIONS!!!!!

RockCrock has never made me feel uncomfortable or taken out anything too far and for her to try and use me against MY WISHES TO FUEL HER SLANDER AGAINST HIM IS COMPLETELY OUT OF LINE AND I SHOULD HAVE BEEN SPOKEN TO WELL BEFORE THIS POST WAS MADE TO CLEAR THINGS UP! but I was never even contacted.

I'm sorry about her situation and what happened with her and RockCrock but she has no right or use my story to paint RockCrock has a pedophile. I hope she finds whatever it is she was trying to get out of "outing" him to the community but don't use me, my story, or anything involving my family in your sick plan to make a person whos never done wrong to me even when i was 14 years old to make him look like a pedophile.

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