Michigan Smash issues

The last thing I want to do is deter from the waves of people finding the courage to tell their stories about abusers, pedophiles, rapists or enablers. But I think it’s important to denounce all forms of cancer in the community. I have been very boisterous when it comes to calling out toxic behavior in our environment. I some times even crossed lines and was so aggravated that I attacked some people in comments (although I apologized) I did more harm than good by doing so. I have called out people for being toxic, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, racist you name it. So I’m sure this post won’t surprise people that know me but it has to be done.
Back in Frosbite the first year we had japan vs us crew I had a couple people rooming with me. I won’t drop names if possible but I will def say people can back my story as they walked into it. I had a smasher I can’t remember their age but seeing how we were always at the same events I found them trustworthy enough to stay in my room. So throughout the day we go in and out of the room after my pools happen I go back to my room only to have a handful of people tell me that they walked into that child (because it’s what they were a child a minor) doing a line of coke. I was shocked because A) hotel in my name that could come back on me B) where and when did you get the coke? So needless to say after friends told me about the incident in confronted the child to which he stated it was true. Now I have a degree in psych so I went about it as calm as possible, seeing that it was a hard drug I knew people can close up if confronted the wrong way so I just asked them not do that in my room while at the event to which he agreed but I took it one step further and asked them who they got it from to which they willingly told me it was a MI TO and figurehead. I have brought this up to the people that stayed in the room on some occasions so I know I have people that can back my story up. We need to get rid of all forms of cancer in our scenes especially those with power.
This is the only “big” story I have, while I have called out other players for toxic behavior not much has been done. We have seen people belittle others for their lifestyle which I have called out. But it gets tiresome, when you constantly call out behavior like this just to have others call you a hater or that you have a vendetta against someone. Seeing people stand up for shitty people and accusing you gets old fast. My intent has always been to make people feel welcomed in the scene but after seeing all these allegations against figure heads and members it makes me wonder if the fight is even worth it. I can spend my time with family and friends outside of smash and avoid the drama. Also being accused of having vendettas against a person I’ve had like two interactions with in a 3yr span seems stupid.
I hope the person that was sold the drugs sees this and can come forward as well, but I also hope the person that sold them the drugs acknowledges it and steps down from their position, I hope the smash scene starts to hold others responsible and starts banning people that make the scene insufferable for others due to their actions and predatory behavior. I love you all that have read this all and hope nothing but the best for everyone.


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