My Statement

First off the most important thing for me to say is that I am proud of Zack for speaking his truth. I do not want to make this about me or be insensitive on the situation. However my name was mentioned in the screenshots and I want to speak about them. I did not encourage Zack to do anything with Nairo in any way. At CEO Dreamland I was extremely sick and could barely move out of my bed. Zack and Nairo had started flirting at this event specifically. When Zack went to go to Nairo’s room the night they did sexual things, I specifically told Zack not to go and he did and did not come back that night. Nairo also knew that I knew and when he visited me in Ohio, he begged me not to tell anyone. Zack also didn’t want anyone to know. Having this burden on my shoulders for so long has been very tough. I have been friends with Zack since we were extremely young kids playing brawl. I have always tried my best to be the best friend I could be to him and even a role model since I am older than him and could tell he looked up to me. The shit Zack has been through along with the rest of our friend group has been traumatizing and I feel like it’s all been crashing down on me the past couple days. Realizing that the life I have lived isn’t even remotely close to normal has been very hard to cope with considering all the awful shit that’s happened to me and my friend group since a young age. Once again I hate that I have to make this about myself considering I want to be as sympathetic as possible to the true victim, but I did not encourage Zack to have sexual relations with Nairo. I discouraged it. Zack knows this, Nairo knows this. Anyone involved in any way knows this. Thank you for reading.

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