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2nd Jul 2020 from TwitLonger

Admission of Guilt

So with all the posts in recent days. I figure now is the perfect time to address this. I have groomed a few girls in my past. I'll start from the beginning, I'm just now turning 18 when this started.
I met a 15 year old girl at a dance for high school. She was going through really hard times. Her parents were getting divorced and she just couldn't be happy. So I thought I would help her and cheer her up.
Cue about a month later... we had sex for the first time. And It wouldn't be the last.
Me and her were never a couple, just i took advantage of her vulnerability and used my disgusting desires on her.
This happened with two other girls..

About a month or two ago. Two fellow followers of mine I wanted to like be with them. One of them became my best friend... she is an amazing person. She is such a loyal person, because I was even doing this knowing full well she was in a committed relationship. She wouldn't say if that was the cause of her breakup.

Before her came a girl, Sophie. She's 14... I admit that I didn't know at the time she was 14. As we never met in real life. But I kept relying on her for support for my problems, and she eventually noticed and blocked me.

So I'm no different than these predators in the Smash community. Even though I've never preyed on anyone since then, I am afraid it may happen again, and everyone understands and are being cautious.

So if you want to leave. I understand. I get it. I would t get mad. I'm just a loser, an idiot and dont deserve to get away with it.

- Mittens

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