The truth:

I’m writing this today to relay to everybody who knows me or sees this that I did something in the past that I’m very deeply ashamed of and incredibly regretful of. Yesterday night as I read through the multiple other twitlongers that people had been posting about their abuses and tribulations, the more I read the more of a sinking feeling I had that something about what these people were doing seemed very familiar. I looked back at messages I had with somebody, that for their safety I will be leaving anonymous. The more I read the more disgust and great moral turmoil I felt. When I was 18 I groomed a 13 year old into explicit sexual messages. I did not touch them physically or send any pictures and I say that not to diminish what I’ve done but to clearly state that I said some incredibly predatory, immoral and disgusting things to this child. I firmly believe I knew what I was doing then and also firmly believe that I could’ve very well crossed into a much more disgustingly intense course of action. I am writing this because I acknowledge now that if I’m to fight against the injustices I have witnessed then I must also acknowledge I was the very injustice I seek to end. I can only relay to you all now that I am not that same person from trust alone. I do not fault or shame anybody for feeling disgusted and distrusting of me. What I did was very serious and could have very severely impacted this person. I am also writing this to hold my self accountable for my actions as they’ve occurred. There is no brevity in this or any sense of saving face. I am 100% accepting and strongly push that there be proper consequences for these actions. I want this to be said so those who have suffered similar or greater injustices are made aware of what I’ve done so they may gauge my character now properly and without anything hidden. To all of those who have put your faith and trust in me: I have wrought not only a great injustice upon this person but to all of you and the community you seek to protect. In order to have a safer and more welcoming a community all injustices must be brought forward, even from oneself. Thank you for reading this and may it help others who may have done the same wrongdoings to be honest with themselves and the community they love.

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