I’m writing this in response to allegations made against me by @ProbablyJut and @xoFROOT. I hope that by the end of this post, it will be undoubtedly clear that I am free of any predatory behavior toward anybody and I can move past this situation with my story told in full.

Yesterday, Jut posted a Twitlonger about me making the following claims:

“Venia is a manipulative predator who aggressively harasses, gaslights, and spreads rumors over women he gets involved with in the community to keep his image in check. He has been treating women within the community like garbage for a very long time now, and it’s sickening to stay quiet about it while so many women in our scene are struggling to vocalize the abuse they’ve been through.

From hitting up girls that are under 18, to treating women like they’re objects to throw away when you’re done with and talk shit about the next one.

The Twitlonger carries on a bit beyond that, but these are the main accusations made against me.

Before I address the Froot situation, let me first clarify the other two.

1. “Hitting up girls that are under 18”

This is by far the most harmful claim made in this Twitlonger, and I didn’t talk about it in my initial videos, so let me clarify this now. I was friends with a girl who was friends with ZeroTwoNone’s ex, and ZeroTwoNone was my friend, so we would frequently hang out together. I later came to learn that she was interested in me, and at some point directly told her that I did not want to pursue anything with her specifically because of her age.

And here is a screenshot from after this Twitlonger was made where I asked her to clarify if she had felt I acted inappropriately toward her, to which she says she experienced no wrongdoing:

s https://imgur.com/a/qY8QY7o

s https://imgur.com/a/9ztVPs4

2. “Treating women like they’re objects to throw away when you’re done and talk shit about the next one”

While partially a reference to Froot, this is also mainly a reference to an experience with Tara/Gaumer, who came out with her own statements about me. As I spoke about in my videos, Tara and I had a brief consensual sexual relationship that ended because she wanted to pursue something more serious and committed when we had agreed to keep it casual before anything happened. We got into an uncomfortably public altercation about it at a Xeno event, for which she initially accepted blame for and later apologized to me via DMs.


the promise she is referring to is that we wouldn't get attached because i was upfront with her about catching feelings.
While what happened with Tara was definitely embarrassing for both of us, this is not an instance of me being a sexual predator, as I mentioned in a tweet reply to her yesterday. I was under the impression that this situation was long over with, and I’m honestly disappointed that it was lumped in with much more serious accusations of actual criminal behavior. It was something purely individual between myself and Tara and I was not manipulative or cruel toward her in the aftermath of our brief fling.

Before I proceed to the third accusation in this Twitlonger, which begins to tie things in with Froot, it should be beyond all doubt that I am not a predator based on these two things--one that didn’t even happen, and one that was a stupid personal issue that I did nothing to prolong or provoke. I’m not chasing underage girls and I did not treat Tara like an object or coldly discard her--we were looking for different things and I had expressed my intentions clearly. I understand if this hurt her, but I did not act out of malice or with intent to harm.

So what am I really responding to if these other allegations show no evidence of me being predatory?

3. “harasses, gaslights, and spreads rumors over women he gets involved with in the community to keep his image in check”

This is the part that changed things up for me, going from defending myself to accusing Froot. It was clear to me immediately that this particular accusation stemmed from her, as since we fell out of contact, she has been spreading things of this nature to justify all kinds of weird behavior and to preemptively discredit me if I spoke out against her for what happened on that night at her house.

Jut is a close friend of Froot, and it makes sense to me that he would be sympathetic to her if she told him that I’m trying to silence her or threaten her with a cancelation for no reason. I don’t blame Jut for making the Twitlonger, as he was probably just trying to stick up for his friends, but the fact remains that this came straight from Froot’s circle--people that she has direct access to, and people that she can tell whatever she wants without hearing another side to the story.

It’s a bit of an open secret in Tristate that Froot touched me without consent that night. This is the “rumor” she’s accusing me of spreading. While I haven’t posted about it publicly, I confided about what happened afterward with multiple friends in the Tristate area, who can all attest to this. if you have seen Bankai’s video it directly addresses that a lot of people knew about this and didn’t blow it up. (I don’t blame them for this, as it’s easy to feel like it’s not your place and that you’d be disrespecting someone’s wishes by speaking on it before they did) The furthest I’ve gone in public is a series of subtweets over the past few months loosely referencing fake people in the community and things of that nature

This is not a “rumor”. This is something real that happened to me, without my consent, that made me feel violated. I feel like I was taken advantage of in my drunken and exhausted state by a friend who I trusted and drew explicit boundaries with as friends. For Froot to preemptively write off any potential future accusations I may ever make against her as rumors spread by a ruthless womanizer is extremely fucked up on multiple levels, but I knew she was doing this and have referenced it in some of the subtweets I posted.

She also knew I was planning to publicize what she did to me. Not only was word beginning to spread from people being concerned about what I had told them over the months since the incident, but I also directly confronted her last week about her standing up against actions when she was exhibiting the same behavior :


As I mentioned in my tweets, she is clearly on the defensive and attempting to talk me out of it in a private call. She even resorts to trying to guilt trip me with talk of suicide or disappearing from the internet, which is textbook manipulation and definitely not innocent behavior.

This is only speculation, but I think that Froot knowing I was going to release a statement about her caused her to panic and potentially even indirectly pressure somebody (like Jut) to beat me to the punch so anything I say about her is already has doubt cast on it because I’m speaking from a defensive position--even if it’s coupled with easily disprovable things like the contents of the original post about me. Even if she didn’t encourage anybody to post something about me, she has already tried to push a false narrative of me as someone who treats women poorly to her friends and others like Hazel, a girl I became romantically involved with shortly after Froot and I began to dissolve our friendship.


THESE are rumors--petty things that are bad but believable enough that it could sour your opinion of somebody you don’t really know. What I shared with my friends was the story of an assault. A statement coming out before mine forced me to respond before I was even ready to come out with my story in the first place.

Let’s step back for a second and think about what I have to gain from fabricating these accusations. Again, I am already sure that no predatory behavior occurred with Tara or an underage girl, so the main thing I’m responding to before bringing up Froot is that I’ve gaslit and spread rumors about someone, and I know it can only mean her. These words definitely sound bad and don’t imply good behavior, but they’re far from enough on their own without context to prove anything. The Twitlonger made no mention of what these rumors might be, but even if it’s to be assumed that it was something completely horrible, how does it make sense that I would try to avoid being canceled for that by deflecting the blame to Froot, who wasn’t even mentioned in the post? Saying that she sexually assaulted me does not fix any of my potential problems. I gave this information willingly and in a hurry because I couldn’t let more slander against my character come out over time, because then even less people would believe me, and it disgusted me that she was writing off me telling people what happened between us as rumors.

There is no positive outcome from me accusing Froot as an act of self-preservation, especially if the accusations were false, but even if they’re true. It would not have cleared me from the other things in the Twitlonger that I already knew I could easily clear up myself. I was already planning to release this information anyway. Going after somebody with something as wild as a fake assault allegation to defend myself from being canceled for a vague statement about spreading rumors is such an insane move. Why would I make this up? The saying is “believe all victims”. I came to Twitter today as a victim but public perception was already muddied by a super short and vague Twitlonger with no evidence or specifics, so a lot of people were hesitant to believe me by default.

Froot accuses me of discarding women to maintain my public image. She even went so far as to insert herself with the girl I started seeing after the incident at her house, telling her I was bad news and claiming that she was trying to look out for her. If I was trying to discard Froot and bury any history between us, why would I announce the incident to the whole world in a public video on my Twitter? Why would I go so far as to say that we had a falling out because she assaulted me? There are so many cleaner, less complicated, and smarter ways to go about “discarding” someone, and that isn’t even what I did. I remain civil with Froot after what happened, but in the weeks afterward I began to process how deeply I had been wronged and stopped communicating with her entirely. These screenshots show the gap in our communication.


Again, multiple people from Tristate can attest to the fact that I told them about this when it happened. I did not just make this up on the spot to save my own ass, nor did I start some insane false “rumor” (aka SERIOUS ACCUSATION OF A CRIME) because I was embarrassed that Froot turned me down or things didn’t work out.

the things i crossed out are bits of another conversation being talked about the same time I have no business sharing it.


here i am explaining to mgw what happened the day after it happened. she stated she is a light sleeper and I never went to the bathroom, here I'm clearly saying I did.


here you can see i value her as a friend and want to remain friends but don't know how to address this situation.


(i only crossed out mgw mentioning something about his own private experience as its not my buisness to put out there)
and here I am genuinely asking if this was my fault It was a very confusing time for me and I would have no reason to be writing about all this to my friend if it wasn't what really happened. there is no way I fabricated all this and planned 6 months ahead on when to bring it all to the public.

Let me also clarify something about ZeroTwoNone and AceAttorney. When I initially accused Froot, I tagged them both saying that they could verify my claims with an eyewitness account and a personal story of being assaulted by Froot. Shortly thereafter, both ZTN and Ace were swept up into a ton of their own messed up allegations, which has made people cast further doubt on my story because they were no longer considered credible.

For ZTN:

ZTN was present the night that Froot assaulted me. He said he could (see/hear/both) some activity in the bedroom, and we talked about it afterward. Shortly after I tagged him to support my accusations, he got blown up on Twitter for a lot of really shitty comments and actions toward women, and people in general. There’s absolutely no doubt that ZTN is/was an asshole for doing that, and I do not stand by or support his actions at all. He owned up to what he did and hasn’t tried to deny it, but that doesn’t make it any less shitty. That said, nothing ZTN did means that his account of that night should be discarded, and it’s disingenuous to pretend that someone who has done bad shit is automatically a liar every time they open their mouths. ZTN is not “in on this” with me, trying to make up some fake accusation about Froot just to save his friend from getting canceled. That literally does not make sense at all, and is an extremely pessimistic/disgusting interpretation of someone’s sexual assault story. He was there and he has known it happened since the day it happened. I understand people’s hesitance to accept him as a credible witness because of the gross shit that came out about him today, but he has no motivation or incentive to lie about this.

For AceAttorney:

AceAttorney is a disgusting piece of shit pedophile. Like most of you, I thought I knew him to some degree before yesterday, but it’s extremely clear that he’s an actual predator. I’ve never been particularly close with Ace, but when he told me he was assaulted by Froot I was inclined to believe him as I am in the case of all victims. Now that he’s been exposed for what he truly is, I don’t know what to make of his claims about Froot. It’s possible that he knew a mountain of trouble was coming his way and he was preparing to get ahead of it by coming for someone else, which is the same exact tactic Froot used to put me in this position. It doesn’t look like we’ll ever hear Ace’s side of that story, but I don’t think we need to. Even if him and ZTN are out of the picture entirely I should still be believed and listened to and taken seriously as a victim. It does not feel like I’m being afforded that opportunity, and it isn’t fair to use the fact that I called upon these two specifically to corroborate my story against me. I had no idea Ace was that kind of person, and ZTN has nothing to gain by collaborating with me to take Froot down falsely. For what it’s worth, I fully believe Froot’s story about AceAttorney, which sounds extremely manipulative and uncomfortable.

Hopefully I’ve made it clear that making this up would not stand to benefit me in any way, especially as a reflexive defense against getting canceled in a situation I could have easily handled. I’ve already received massive backlash, unfollowings, hate from friends, etc. from this. Had Jut’s Twitlonger not come out before what I was planning to release, I would have hopefully been receiving support and comfort, but instead people are abandoning me and saying I’m a predator.

Now let’s move on to Froot’s Twitlonger response.

First and foremost, absolutely nothing in the screenshots she provided implies that I gave consent on that night. Saying that Dara saw “us” does not mean that I was a willing participant in “us”. When I’m freaking out about people hearing what happened, it’s not because I’m obnoxiously wrapped up in my public image. It’s because it was a private, embarrassing, sensitive experience that I was uncomfortable with people knowing about, especially through a third party like Dara. I didn’t want people to get the wrong idea that Froot and I were a thing, and I clearly indicate that in my messages to her.


Again, this is NOT because I wanted to preserve my public image or carelessly discard her, but because I was not interested in being with her romantically.

At the time of this conversation with Froot (very shortly after this happened), I hadn’t really processed the reality of what had happened between us. At first, I tried to write it off as a harmless but unreciprocated advance from a friend, but the feeling didn’t sit well with me. I tried to stay cool with her afterward, but as the days passed I just felt worse about it as I thought more about it. I even blamed myself for not being stern enough with her about the fact that we were just friends and nothing more, and it was hard for me to turn her down gently because I didn’t want to make her feel like she wasn’t good enough or anything because I cared about her. In these same screenshots, she tells me I’m “making a big deal out of nothing” (which conveniently isn’t in any of her screenshots)


she used this screenshot and used the fact that i used the word "us" but you can see im asking why is she getting mad at me? where i said "the same way you came at me" as a hint that I was not comfortable with what happened whether she understood my hint or not i clarified it more in the later phone call. I say "this is what I was afraid of with us" I meant in terms of ruining the friendship. not because I was ashamed of anything I am a very proud and outspoken person and if it truly was a consensual thing everyone would have heard it from me first.


trying to downplay the situation. If we had just hooked up and I was okay with it, I wouldn’t be so frantic about people hearing about it. We had a long call about the situation on that same night, as the screenshots show, so a lot of this discussion isn’t available in screenshots.

to address her Screenshots where she says that you can see me apologizing to her I was sorry for being distant and I felt bad for not being more stern in letting her know we are just friends as I let some advances slide because It was hard for me to reject her. I didnt want her to feel like she wasn't enough. she says I haven't caused her any issues which means I have not yet displayed this manipulative or abusive behavior she is saying I did.


As the other screenshots indicate, we gradually begin to fall out of communication after this, pretty much entirely ending it by January 3rd. *screenshot refrenced earlier* Froot says this is because I was too worried about my public image and offended her because I referred to Dara as a “talker” when expressing concern about Dara telling people what happened that night. But in the screenshots you can see I’m struggling to stay being a good friend to Froot while mentally dealing with what she did to me. It was around this time that I started feeling comfortable enough to tell people about it, and as Bankai said in his video, people have known about this forever.

I will admit that it was rude and ominous to post those vague subtweets about exposing fake people in the community. However, Froot knew it was about her because she knew what happened that night. And it definitely wasn’t gaslighting or spreading false rumors. I wasn’t ready yet to tear down someone who I once considered a good friend and also a role model for lots of LGBT kids in the Smash scene, but I couldn’t stay completely silent either.

Another important thing to note from the night at Froot’s house is that I was drunk after dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, as I described in my video. I didn’t want to make the trip back to NYC because I was pretty fucked up. All of this happens at super late hours, and with alcohol involved, I was ready to knock out. Froot says in her Twitlonger:

“There was consent when Jon asked me to stay over, sleep in my bed and pull me into his arms as he slept.

There was consent when he leaned in to kiss me.

There was consent when he grabbed my hand with his own and placed it beneath his pants onto his penis.

There was consent when he put his hands over my butt and my breasts.”

I cannot consent if I’m drunk and fading in and out of consciousness at 4 or 5 in the morning. Furthermore, even if I DID consent i had alcohol in my system and if her entire account of things is correct, she took advantage of me in my vulnerable state.

this does not AT ALL prove that I am a “sexual predator” as alluded to in Jut’s Twitlonger. Froot names me with AceAttorney as one of her abusers in the title, but where at any point in this story or her screenshots have I abused her? I blamed myself for causing her stress and pain for what happened between us, and she says immediately in response that I haven’t caused her any issues. We stopped corresponding entirely less than a week later. Literally nothing in her entire Twitlonger implicates me for any abusive or predatory behavior, the entire thing is just her defending herself by saying that I consented to the hookup because I said “us” in a couple of DMs. The absolute worst that could even be taken from those screenshots is that I stopped being friends with her after an awkward night and that my concern for my public image upset her, but hopefully everything I’ve written up to this point should paint a very different picture.

However, what really happened is not this magical best case scenario for Froot. I was not lying in my videos, and I did not consent that night. she said the bar was closed which was true I managed to still get a drink but she left out that I had a double shot drink because I knew that would be my only drink of the night, I have always been very open about being a lightweight. Double shot is more than enough. One thing I’d like to point out is that Froot says we kissed/got touchy for 10 seconds before remembering there were other people around, so we quickly stopped. Obviously this isn’t a matter of hard evidence, but what consensual hookup has ever lasted only 10 seconds when people are in bed? If I wanted to be in that situation, I would have at least asked if we could continue elsewhere quietly. and I’m pretty sure almost any guy can relate to that would agree. The situation lasted 10 seconds because I was drunk and passed out, waking up and realizing what was going on, and then stopped it.

Again, believe all victims. Just because I’m a man or because I was conveniently accused of things while taking my time to come out with my story doesn’t make my account any less valid. Tara is not accusing me of any sexual misconduct, and has already apologized to me long ago for causing a scene in public. The underage girl mentioned in Jut’s Twitlonger has fully cleared me of any pedophilia accusations in the above screenshots. Froot herself isn’t even accusing me of any direct assault or abuse in her Twitlonger, just that I’m apparently some scumbag who treats women like objects and gets rid of them and spreads “rumors”. Her entire post is an attempt to clear herself of wrongdoing, but people are acting like believing she’s innocent also means I’m guilty of things that I’ve easily disproved within this post. But I am NOT lying and spreading rumors. That is really what happened that night, and nothing in her giant Twitlonger did anything to indicate otherwise.

What I want going forward is for my name to be left out of conversations and accusations like this, and for people to believe me. There is no reason that a situation in which I did no wrong, a situation that never happened, and a situation in which I was the victim should be combined together to pre-cancel me for being something I’m not, and so someone who is those things can get a leg up in swaying public opinion against me. I stand with all the victims who have come out in recent times, and I implore you to believe me just as you believed them.

I stand to gain nothing from making this up, and I’ve already experienced massive backlash for it as expected. If I wanted to bury my history with Froot for the sake of my public image, I wouldn’t have voluntarily exposed it to the entire community/internet. If I was a predator, there would be more than just a girl saying I aired her out in public. If you don’t think the screenshots I provided are enough to prove that I wasn’t down with what happened that night, they definitely are not enough to prove that I was into it either. I handled the situation softly because I was trying to give a friend the benefit of the doubt, but there’s a trail of vague tweets on my profile and people I told about this dating back to January or so--including MGW, Jul, and Hazel. This is not some sloppy knee jerk response written to worm my way out of a cancelation by canceling somebody else, and it’s insane to accuse me of that as well.
please think critically about this.

now froot as mentioned to me that she has been suicidal which is a very serious claim and the last thing we would want in this situation. she needs to seek help and the only reason I am posting this is because i was made out to be a bad guy.

Thank you for reading,

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