Tezii's History

I have begun to feel guilty about this, I've realized i have been protecting Tezii for a long time now, keeping things hidden and quiet, and im sorry for doing that.

to not mince words, Tezii had, among other things, attempted to be in a relationship with our (at the time) mutual friend's 14 year old sister.

Many of you know me and Tezii were friends in highschool, and we had a bunch of mutual friends who came to tournaments. Well they dont come anymore, and im not friends with tezii anymore and this is why.

Coming out of highschool Tezii had family issues, and moved into a friend's family house. they had known each other since they were kids, and were considered family friends. After about half a year there, our friend went to college in Nevada. After this happen, Tezii proceded to give away and sell a large amount of his stuff, selling his PS4, giving away his clothes, to get extra money. And thats sadly not the worst that happened at the time.

I will admit to not knowing full details, I cant give proof since this happened in person between Tezii, our friend, and his sister. But I do know Tezii seriously tried to enter a relationship with her.

I remember prior to this, there had been jokes about "his sisters cute" and "having a nice ass" when she was 13, we accepted it as jokes and would joke back about the police or something like that.

Tezii had always been harassing towards girls we knew, they'd message them gross things that upset them, would message and ask random girls for nudes (they unknowingly messaged MY sister this actually), and I even know of some girls who dont come to smash tourneys anymore because of them.

Ive talked with some members of the community, and there has been some concern from others about tezii's relationships with minors in the community. I dont know how true those concerns were since again ive seperated myself from Tezii since then, but I think its worth noting these concerns came from people who didnt know this about Tezii's past.

Ive kept quiet about this for a long time now, Ive had an internal struggle on if I wanted to publicly state this or not, as an old friend, as a fellow TO, Ive will also admit to wanted to come forward about this for the wrong reasons before, and Im sorry. Ive told some friends in the scene about this before and one of them wanted to make this public information as it should be, and I told them not to. the reason why I said not to, because that was around the time Tezii agreed to move Sacred to saturdays so I could have the friday tourney slot, thats it. I felt I owed them I guess? Im disgusted i felt that way so recently.

I dont know how to finish this, Im sorry for protecting them, Im sorry for not making this more public earlier, This is Tezii's past.

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