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30th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

My statement on Allegations made by Tortoisquad

I'll be addressing everything in the statement made. I'll give my full honest reflection and side of the story. I believe the CW sexual assault + alcohol title is misleading because as she said, there was no rape, groping or attempt to kiss her.

I met Nore in the smash scene a couple years ago. I was currently dating my ex. Anyone who knows me knew I was crazy about my ex, and I'm completely against cheating in any way shape or form. I moved across the entire country and risked a lot to make the relationship work.

Back when I was in NY. I became close friends with Christina Grimmie, and we hung out at a tournament, we messaged and texted. After some time I came to find out that Christina was having feelings for me, and I was also in a similar position. I immediately told my ex and told Christina that we shouldn't talk for a while because it could possibly lead to cheating down the line or a potential rift in my current relationship. Why is this important?

I had an opportunity to cheat long distance, with someone I was very interested in for a long time and I refused to only on the principle that my relationship at the time was more important. I immediately broke off any connection with Christina for the sake of my relationship. I'm sure my ex could attest to this.

I moved to SLO and things were going well, the smash scene there was fun, I made friends.
Nore joins as a transfer student and we played Smash together.

Anybody who has been around me knows I'm very careful when it comes to other people's feelings and I keep in mind if I'm making someone feel uncomfortable. I did a lot of learning about trans people during my time with Nore and in the friend group. We were all very supportive of her transition and we were always complimenting her to make her feel more welcome and proud of her transition. Any compliments I gave Nore was to try and be a supportive friend during her transition and I have no romantic feelings towards her. I was not pursuing her.

My ex was at every party that we were all at, and I was always with my ex. As I stated, I was in a very happy and committed relationship with my ex at the time.

As for Nore's allegations, I did not hold her, corner her or grab her arm in any way forcefully. I'm sorry if I triggered something that made you feel scared or terrified. If this ever happens again, please let me know, as I take the #metoo movement very seriously.

Another moment, Nore once called me at 1am asking if she could come over. She knocked on my door and was in tears, in complete tears bawling. I asked her what happened and she just hugged me while in tears. Clearly she was in a lot of pain due to things that were going on around her, (school, relationship etc) I consoled her without words. Just let her hug me, let her cry and she left. I did nothing, just offered her water, tissues etc. There was no alcohol involved. I never held her in any force-able way, as Nore said, I never did anything devious. This was the only time we were alone in my room. Any other time we were at a party, I was with my ex who I'm sure would vouch for me. I've tried to be a good friend to Nore and have never grabbed her or trapped her in a forceful way. Again I am sorry if I did something to scare you, if this happens again please let me know if you feel scared or uncomfortable.

After my break up, which destroyed me in every sense, Nore spoke a lot with my ex I assume to get closer to her. Nore once invited me over after my breakup to console me, yet when I shared details about my pain I noticed her smiling and looking away. After my breakup, Nore no longer felt like my friend. No alcohol was involved in this instance either. Nore made things extremely difficult for me to remain friends with my ex.

I'm shocked to see this post from Nore. I wish she would have talked to me about how she felt before going to Twitter with her post. If she would have done so, I would have been open to listen to her and I would have been able to explain any misunderstandings we would have had. Those of you who've spent time with me and know my character know how important it is for me to treat others with respect.

Those of you who don't know me, please know that I take the #metoo movement very seriously and I believe victims when they come forward with allegations. I'm really sorry that I only have anecdotal evidence at best but there really is no way to prove this. Aside from that, no one at the parties ever saw me hold trap or grab anyone. And if you knew who I am as a person and what my ideals are, you would know that I would never do something like this. I was very loyal to my ex at the time and I've never been aggressive at a party. Again I am sorry Nore if I ever frightened or scared you. Please let me know next time so that I can change whatever behavior is scaring you.

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