David Bartek comments on the game with Slovácko.

The victory over Slovácko is evaluated by David Bartek.

You have been in Bohemka for a long time, but you have probably never experienced such an end to a game?

“I have already experienced it, but in a different situation. When we played to save ourselves from relegation last season and Pepa (Josef JindÅ™išek) scored our goal to keep us in the top flight for this season. That was probably bigger. We started badly against Slovácko and they scored after a couple of minutes. That was not a perfect start. Then we got into the game more and more and in the second half it was just a matter oof getting a goal. In the end we were able to get the goal, but Valda (Roman Valeš) kept us in it, which we needed. God forbid Jhon scored those two goals.”

Slovácko got on top very quickly?

“We talked about the importance of starting the match. We expected Slovácko to come at us, but unfortunately for us they scored that goal so soon. Football is about mistakes. Hats off to us that we responded quickly.”

Did the goal ruin the teams plans for the match in any way?

“It was definitely not ideal. We had said to ourselves that we must not allow them a goal and tired then hope. We had the form, which they knew and came here with the understanding that they had nothing to lose. We offered Slovácko a chance to fight for the win, which is why it was such a nervous game. There were a lot of fans and I'm glad we were able to please them by winning.”

Nemrava was in goal for Slovácko. Did you consider this before the match?

“We didn't think of the goalkeepers much. Fortunately, we scored against him twice. We knew we had form, and the game was about our attack. It's just about solving situations correctly and scoring the goals.”

It was played on a particularly hot day. What is it like for you wide players having to constantly support the attack?

“I have enough to admit, by the end of the match I was exhausted. These matches are coming fast and the fatigue is understandably greater. Especially in the weather as it was during the game. Otherwise, I felt good, only the stamina was running out in the last minutes.”

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