Tickets for the finals in Ďolíček
In the photos in my next tweet you will find instructions on the online method of distribution.
Distribution of tickets for the home match of the group's final for Europe against Mladá Boleslav will start tomorrow at 10:00. Again, it will be divided into the 4th wave, which will not take into account the attendance of previous matches. All owners of paid Premium season tickets thus have the same starting position. In addition, it will be possible to get a ticket not only online, but also directly in the fanshop in Ďolíček. This will certainly be appreciated especially by older fans who are not so proficient in the online world. In the fanshop, you can get a ticket even without a handling fee of CZK 5, ie completely free. However, due to Tuesday's inventory, the fanshop in Ďolíčko will serve on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to claim from the season ticket.
Passengers have the opportunity to get their ticket for CZK 0 until Saturday 4 July until 9:59. From 10:00 it will be possible to buy tickets only for the full price of CZK 200 and CZK 300.
We have added a clear guide on how to proceed on Ticketportal to the photo gallery.
Distribution division:
1st wave | 30. 6. from 10:00 - Owners of paid Premium season tickets.
2nd wave | 2. 7. from 10:00 - Owners of all Premium and Basic season tickets (paid and honorary).
3rd wave | 4. 7. from 10:00 - Sale of tickets for CZK 200 and CZK 300 for registered fans (season tickets, DFB, fan clubs).
4th wave | 5. 7. from 10:00 - Free sale of tickets for CZK 200 and CZK 300 even for unregistered fans.
We also remind you of the sectorization of Ďolíček, which will be impassable. The entrance to sector A will be entrance 1 from Vršovická street, the toilets are under sector A1 and the fanshop will be accessible. Sectors B and C will be entered only through entrance 3 from Danner Park. The toilets under sector A5 are accessible from the boiler, the gallery of the main grandstand, fanshop and Náměstíčko will be inaccessible for sectors B and C, even after the match. The sectors must be separated by a solid barrier.
Tickets will be available until capacity is exhausted. Tickets will not be sold at the box office in Ďolíčko on the day of the match.
NOTE: The code can only be used once. If you log in to the event and do not complete your purchase, you will not be able to use the code again. Be very careful about this, it is a common problem when someone just looks at vacancies and a few hours later they are unlucky. Unfortunately, this technical setting of Ticketportal cannot be easily removed.
HOW TO GET A TICKET (instructions in the photo gallery):
1. Open the page
2. Log in with your email and password. If you are not registered with Ticketportal, register in advance before starting the sale. You can also use login via Facebook or Google+.
3. Fill in the details from your season ticket for purchase - number and verification code.
4. Select the desired location from the stadium map and add it to the cart.
5. You have a place in the basket for CZK 0 + handling fee. Proceed to payment.
6. Print out your hometicket and take it with you to the stadium with your season ticket.
If you have technical problems with entering the code, its validity, etc., write the information in as much detail as possible to so that we can solve the problem as quickly as possible.
Wrong: "Hello, my code doesn't work."
Correct: "Hello, I have a Premium pass (A1, series XX, seat YY) in the name XXX YYY with the number 0123456789 and the confirmation code ABCD. Ticketportal reports that the code is invalid."
Holders of season tickets will be entitled to a ticket to the stadium, not to a specific grandstand and a place that cannot be guaranteed due to mandatory blockades. It may happen that the owner of the season ticket in sector A3 will have "only" entry to sector B + C for the match with Mladá Boleslav. At the same time, we point out that the sectors will be impassable and closed to each other. You can't get to Náměstíčko or the fanshop from the B + C sectors, even after the match.
Sectoring of Ďolíček:
Sector A: Main grandstand, entrance only through main entrance 1 from Vršovická street, toilet under sector A1, fanshop available.
Sector B + C: Boiler and half of the grandstand at the post office, entrance only through entrance 3 from Danner's park, toilet under sector A5, fanshop not available.
Sector D: A separate sector for fans of the guest club, to whom we will reciprocally release 50 tickets.
We will inform you about tomorrow's distribution of 50 tickets for Bohemians fans at the match in Mladá Boleslav. There is no way to book tickets.

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