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28th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

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Hello everyone, I talked to Pecca and Chris. I want to clarify a few things as well. It was not my intention to paint Chris as a rapist or anything of the sort... What happened in Taiwan was gross and disgusting and I hated it. I included details because it was my recollection but I realize those details might make him appear to be worse than he is, which he isn't. I believe he made a one time mistake and he said he was black out drunk.

I held on to the bitterness and hurt for a while. He made efforts to apologize and quit drinking. I told him I wanted to move on and I was okay with him living there and being my manager. I should have just been honest, but I wanted to keep the peace. I never could move on so as long as I lived with him. It upset me that certain things weren't public, and yet he was embraced by everyone in offlinetv and seemed like he got away with everything. I had people telling me left and right this would help others, and every time someone asked me about him in my chat, I was reminded all over again.

It's true the incident affected me for a while, but this is something that should have been resolved privately. I apologize. Please don't hate them for that.

To add on to the Fed thing, I added my account of him because Yvonne wanted to include it and I wanted to support her. I genuinely thought I was helping her by supporting her story, because it's one instance of many. I apologize again if I made things worse. tbh, I should have known better after the whole Albert situation. I see how bad internet hate can get and that hurt me a lot. It's hypocritical of me to add on to that. It hurts badly to see people accusing us of wanting to ruin his career. We cared for him a lot, which is why it lasted as long as it did. The thing with Fed was a series of many events with many girls throughout the years. I didn't want to invalidate the experiences of Yvonne and the other girls, and I still don't.

I understand what I did. I try to do the right thing but obviously, I still struggle and I still make errors. I'm going to resume therapy to help me sort out the issues inside my head. Thanks for reading. Hopefully this is my last message on this and I can work on moving on.


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