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28th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

To Chelsey


I'm sorry for the pain that I have caused, I have made mistakes in my past and need to own up for them.
This might come far stretched and I wish I could take it back.

I share your pain with your mother passing, I would never wish that upon anyone and I hope that you have found peace.
I've never said this publicly. My mother was taken away from me at a very young age. Sometimes it feels like I missed out on that feminine aspect of my life.

I hate to say this but my memory is vague of what actually happened back then, but I know by heart that I treated you wrong.

I know how much fun I had talking to you although I was unaware of your growing feelings for me, I didn't have much experience with girls. I was so unsure on how to act upon receiving explicit images from you, I truly felt that you were a friend, as opposed to anything more.

At the time I was young, naive and thought I was cool, I wasn’t thinking about the morality behind my actions and I should have considered your feelings before acting on impulse.

My intentions were never to hurt you or lead you on, I acted like an idiot and I deeply regret that.
In the end I was too ashamed of myself to apologise to you before time faded away and our contact was completely lost.

None of this justifies nor is a good enough apology for the hurt that you suffered, but I cannot undo what I did to you, and for that I will forever be sorry.


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