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28th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

I believe you, Tina

I cannot in good conscience stay silent on this situation. I was planning on waiting and seeing a heartfelt apology from Purple, which in no way would fix the problem but would instead be a step in the right direction. Instead, his statement was anything but that. I am at a loss for words for how absolutely appalled I feel right now.

In 2018, I was a 20 year old college dropout looking to make a place for myself in the Hearthstone scene. Ryan was the one to take me under his wing for a good portion of that year and 2019. We often went to events together and in all respects he was a mentor to me when I needed one most. There are many instances that I can recall where I became a better person due to his advice.

Based on the story that Tina told, she needed a mentor too. She was 20 years old just like me, at her first LAN, and clearly in no state of mind to have a relationship besides a platonic one. Instead, what she got was a 27 year old drunk dude trying to make a move on her and not respecting the word "no".

This is yet another example of a huge problem women face in the current esports industry. Many people pass it off as being the fault of both parties, or as an honest mistake on Ryan's side. And that is a HUGE issue. That "honest mistake" has left Tina with clearly years of anxiety and fear that talking about it would lead to huge repercussions. That "honest mistake" is a perpetually all-too-common scenario affecting women in the scene. We must get to a point where people learn why these sort of actions are wrong without having to cause that kind of trauma on another person.

This was very hard to write. I've lost one of my closest friends over his actions. I cannot imagine how hard it must be when you are the victim of something like this to go public with your story.

To Ryan, I am deeply saddened and upset by what has happened this last week. I highly urge you to rescind your last statement, apologize, and to sincerely mean it.

To Tina and victims of sexual harassment, assault and abuse, I stand with you.

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