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28th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

My mom has a cancer

Guys, it is very hard for me to write these words.I did not want to tell it to anyone in beginning, but then I understood that I can't do it without your help. on 22.06.2020 we with my sister got the results after a puncture of the lymph node to my beloved mom and doctors found metastases of epithelial cancer, she is only 56 years old!
On the day after chest's x-ray, my mom was diagnosed with peripheral lung cancer stage lV, metastases of the pelvis, spine and multiple lungs metastases.
After examination by a second oncologist, the diagnosis was confirmed. Cancer did not manifest itself before the appearance of an inflamed lymph node. My advice to you and your loved ones is to do medical examinations regularly and please do not give up on your health!
In one city we were refused, doctor referred to the fact that none of the possible treatment options would help our mother, after that we were advised to go to an oncology center in St. Petersburg. A miracle will happen if we get a quota for a free operation - yes, this is possible and in this case the only costs that will be needed are accommodation and diagnostic procedures. ⠀
We are from a not-needed family, but the amounts for the treatment of oncology without quotas are incomprehensible for me and my sister alone. 1 chemotherapy is around 700 thousand rubles(8950 euros), and it may also be necessary proton therapy, for which at the moment we have submitted documents (Center for Proton Therapy in St. Petersburg). This type of therapy is also quite expensive.
On Tuesday next week, my mom and sister will go to St. Petersburg for a consultation with one of the most laudatory oncologists in Russia, who undertakes even the most difficult situations, we hope to get a free quote, but the chance is very low, the situation of the mother is urgent, the tumor grows quickly and spread to neighboring tissues and at any time can damage blood vessels or vital organs.
I beg you to help, I never asked for help of this magnitude, this situation is very difficult for my sister and me, we don’t know what to do and where to go in order to collect such a large amount in such a short time. I really need your help and support, the situation is urgent. I madly love my mother, she did everything for me, I feel helpless and want to do everything for her. I have no one else except mom and sister . ⠀
We don’t know how much money can be needed, we will contribute all the leftover money to the charity foundation for the treatment of pediatric oncology and also we will make a report, I apologize in advance for this need, we have never encountered this problem and when it comes too urgent, not always you know what to do .
I will leave contact for transaction this is my sberbank card - 5469330012469817 (you can also use Paysend app/website in Europe to not get commission) . PayPal -
We’ve already collected 10.000$
I will post a photo report for each transfer to the last coin. All costs will be spent on surgical intervention and if chemotherapy will be needed, on imported ampoules. If the surgeon in St. Petersburg will refuse us, we will go to Korean oncology center. ⠀
We found out the prices for treatment in Israel,they require about 50 000 euros, in Korea also around this price. We don’t really know what awaits us.

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