Update: The Marathon Continues

So I’m sure plenty of you already know the backstory and what I’m fighting for. This past week has had its ups and downs but I can tell you this, I’m so damn proud. I’m proud of all the support we’ve all gotten. We as in everyone who decided to tell their story about their experience working at Mixer. There has been tons of people reaching out via DMs who have also interacted with Natalia on a business level and explained their thoughts. All I’m going to say is I’m not alone in this and I am very thankful for everyone who is amplifying this story.

So what now? How was the meetings with Phil? Are we going to have an end result?? Is she getting fired?

Honestly, I don’t know. I did explain to Phil what I believe is a correct course of action. Actions like releasing data showing diversity statistics of employees at Xbox and how we can improve year over year. Leveraging the Microsoft Give campaign to support black owned businesses and communities. Also creating programs that can help aspiring black engineers and developers land internships and jobs at Microsoft. We can even put a spotlight on black game developers who are creating the next big thing but is constantly overshadowed in this industry. Phil also expressed his views on providing a long term solution that the entire industry can benefit from years later, I appreciate that! But... and yes there is a but, I want justice. I want accountability, mainly because I know if I or any black person did anything similar to what Natalia did we would be fired on the spot. This issue has shown me and proved to me what I already knew. If you’re black you have to FIGHT. You have to FIGHT for everything! I have to prove I belong, I have to prove I’m smart enough, I have to prove to everyone I’m not a threat and what the media has made us out to be “angry and dangerous”.

What I mean by everything above is I’m still fighting for justice. I’m still requesting she be fired. It’s not fair that multiple employees have to voluntarily leave because management refuses to take action against this individual. It’s not fair with all the evidence and multiple statements from witnesses that we still cannot clean up the industry. What I want everyone to know is we will never know the outcome. Her employment status will never be released to us. Our intentions were good when we released her name, mainly because we wanted accountability. But some people decided to take it too far and dig up her personal information such as her address. Now that is not okay, at all. So because of some of these actions we will never know the outcome.

But isn’t it crazy that knowing where someone lives can out weigh referring to thousands of partners as slaves that you own? Isn’t it crazy knowing that I’m fighting for justice against another minority who is in a management role? Isn’t it crazy that I’ve had thousands of people come out and say I support you and will stand by you except Microsot? Isn’t it crazy that a week later there hasn’t been any formal public apology?

Well to me it’s not crazy, it’s just another day being black in America.

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