Open Letter to Twitch

It has now been over three years since I have been banned from Twitch indefinitely. For two years I had been streaming on Youtube, for about one year I had my own streaming network, and after all that I ended up on Mixer for about a year.

Right after I was banned on Twitch I started streaming on Youtube. At the time, I was very afraid of losing my audience I had from Twitch so I tried to do everything I could to please them. I knew that I had a very toxic community, and so I listened to them and doubled down. This caused strain on my real life relationships and I regret giving power to people who don't have their best interest in me. However, I do not put all the blame on my community, because in the past I too was careless, immature, crude, along with many other negative attributes. Which I have grown from, and I am sorry for the mistakes I have made. Which I know, there are plenty.

After being on Youtube for a year, I decided to create my own network of streamers. This lead to all of their actions falling directly on my shoulders and it wasn't until then I began to realize that this is what I did to Twitch. I don’t think I would fully understand why I was banned from Twitch without this experience. I too had to ban people, kick them from my network, and fully disassociate and cut all ties. These were people who did not promote the image that I wanted and portray my brand the way I had hoped. I am thankful for this experience because from that I have grown. I understand the amount of responsibility that the network owner has for each streamer and representative. From my experiences with a lax network, I faced problems managing my streamers. I was always the one left to clean up any mess, and there seemed to be little fear of consequence. This has definitely given me a better understanding and respect for Twitch’s Terms of Service and community guidelines.

Which brings me to today, where I am doing everything I am able to, to reform my once toxic community. I am proud to say we have made some amazing strides in doing so. About a year and a half ago, I was feeling depressed, stressed out and my life was spiraling out of control. So, I decided to take control and move away from a toxic environment and start over in Texas. I also saw an opportunity with Mixer to move over my core audience and focus on myself and building a healthier community. After about a year of hard work and slightly questioning myself, I'm finally confident again in my community because I have seen it turn around completely. After Mixer closed down, my new community has still translated over to Youtube and that makes me extremely happy because I can see my hard work pay off. Right now in my career I am the happiest I have been in 4 years because my community is positive, and supportive and I can count on them to have my back, along with all the experiences I have gained.

After all these years I just want to say thank you Twitch for giving me the opportunity to start my career, and please consider reading my ban appeal that I recently sent. Thank you.

Twitch account: Ice_Poseidon

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