The main document will take time, but here is a TLDR

Right after posting that last tweet, i began organizing everything I've collected over the years, but then i received a call from them asking me if I wanted to just drop it, their reasoning made sense and I do believe in rehabilitation of people recognizing when they're doing something wrong but I'm not entirely sure if it was them actually recognizing that or if it's some manipulation toward a greater plot, for that reason I will keep names out of this post, but still create & organize the main document with names after I've combed through all of it, just in case.

Regarding my twitter posts, I know everyone is asking for proof, and that is why I didn't include names until i connected the two, it will take me a couple of days to go through everything I have if that is the direction this goes, but for the most part I try to stay away from releasing private messages but when dealing with these people and people's opinions of me on livestreamfail & reddit communities like destiny's (NOT destiny or his community as a whole, just the VOCAL MINORITY that hates me), this seems to be the only way anyone would believe me. For now I will give you a TLDR of what is going on & a few relevant screenshots that corroborate it until I can comb through everything and provide all the evidence once it's been organized.

5 years ago I had 3 good friends online that I did everything with, we cried together, trusted each other, shit talked each other, and said dumb vile shit, I'm sure most of you can relate, it was the 2015 skype days, anyways, little did I know during these times of trust & love one of them was recording every skype call that we had. Now most of you know the crazy shit I say now in 2020, now imagine 2015. Anyways, one of these recordings was put into a video and I defended myself telling people for years it was out of context and it was not like that at all, no one believed me and the same groups still spew that narrative of how it was true all across reddit, fortunately for me, in march of 2019 glinks decided to come forward admitting it was manipulated and out of context, and has been honest & supportive since, and to be clear he has no hand in this or is any part of what is going on now, if anything he's against it knowing what he knows. With this said, the remaining recordings they say they have saved of random things I've said 5 years ago between our friend group late at night on skype is what's being used to extort me for money, podcast position, and hosts. This covers a short version of what 2 of the individuals are doing, as for the third, he hasn't been involved with any of this above directly, but he's been the longest aggressor, he's instead one of the people fueling this and many other things that have been going on for a year or more, but for this specific group of people he has offered them anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand dollars depending on the severity of what they do, some examples of this are, to lie or over exaggerate stories to fit narratives that my worst internet critics have created.

I've been going through this with these people for a year, even possibly two years now, at this point it's been so long, time is a blur, I've been wanting to say something for awhile, but after some of things I've gone through, I've realized that even if i proved context, there will forever be a group that still believes otherwise, so I just tried to ignore it or play along to avoid that stress & anxiety.

*glinks message last year, for those skimming & not reading this is NOT one of the people, he's been very supportive toward all of this* -

*april 26 proof* -

*this morning's msg after me ignoring him for 1.5 months* -

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