Earlier today I tried to write a response to the women who have been speaking out about what has happened to them. I know I have made many mistakes in the past and repeated today by not addressing the real issues at hand & trying to move on as a lesson learned.

As a next step - I wanted to list below a lot of the issues that have been brought forward and others which have not. This is my side of the story.

I am telling it as I want the context and events that took place to be clear. So the actions I have taken are for all to see, I do not want to be accused of things I have not committed
For those who have wished to remain anonymous - I have not disclosed the names of people below:
Person A:
She and I were in a relationship. We first met online when I was streaming. She was a part of the JoinDota community and we started talking from there.

We were in a relationship and she stayed at my place multiple times and we were having sex. The relationship was not going anywhere and I suggested we break up but stay as friends with benefits. And she agreed.

After this - she wanted to come to the Defense tournament and I said she can stay with me. During the stay I had a friend who was also staying with me - she developed feelings for this friend and on the second last night, she asked me if she could use my bed to sleep with this friend. I was upset and angry - and I told my friend what had happened. He agreed it was wrong.

That night, she asked me if she should just go but I did not want to put her out in the cold as her trip home was a long train ride across the country.

I told her she could either sleep on the couch with the friend or sleep in the bed with me. She chose to sleep in the bed. During that night, I tried to talk to her but she said there’s nothing more to say and turned away. I tried to hug her multiple times but there was no response so I gave up. We did not have sex that night and she left the next day.

In a recent private discussion she reminded me of an incident during our relationship when we had sex where I removed the condom with her knowledge. An action that should not have been made in the heat of the moment.

I am very sorry that this woman was in both situations, and had to endure the pressure of unwanted advances.

Person B:
She was a cosplayer who I met at TI5. She tagged me in a photo and I started DM-ing her on Twitter. She told me how she had to share a hotel room with 4 other people. I said she can come and stay with me. She didn’t say yes at first and we kept talking about other things. Eventually she decided to come over and we spent a night talking. After a few hours of talking I leaned over and kissed her and she told me she’s been waiting for me to do that for a while. We had consentual sex that night.

This has come as a total surprise to me.
I first met her at an event in Singapore where she created artwork for me to keep. I messaged her on Twitter to thank her. I was staying on for another week after the event. During this time, I messaged her and asked if we could meet up. She agreed and came around to the apartment I was renting.

It was small and there wasn’t a lot of space. We spent time talking on the bed - which was the only place to sit. During this time, I thought she was interested in me and I tried to lean in to get closer. She pulled back and I realised I misread the situation. We then talked for a bit longer and she said she had to leave. I felt awkward about the situation and said she didn’t have to go. But she wanted to go and I didn’t stop her.

*At no point did I pin her down or stop her from leaving*

Comments I have made in the past:

I was completely insensitive to a transphobic comment made by ixmike88 where I used dismissive laughter in what was a very serious situation. I am very sorry that instead of standing up for Llama and her partner I made a throw away joke completely ignorant of the offense it would cause.

During a 2012 broadcast at Starladder I was casting with V1lat an all female DOTA final, during the cast I made many sexist comments that mocked the players. This was uncalled for and I am sorry for offense taken by both the players and those watching.


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