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25th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

A Jimmy story:

A Jimmy story:
This is an anonymous account sent to me about Jimmy. Originally, I wasn't going to include it on the list that I'm compiling, because it seemed more like a case of someone just being a creepy fuck and way too forward, and as shitty and gross as it is, I didn't think that it *alone* warranted putting him on a list in the company of predators, but after receiving more complaints, and hearing a couple of other accounts, it's clear that this was NOT some isolated incident. The purpose of this is more to illustrate a pattern of behaviour.


I think it was at the afterparty of an (event redacted for anonymity) event. This would have been sometime in 201X (year omitted for anonymity). I don't remember if he had been drinking or not, but we were standing a bit away from anyone else and making small talk. I was trying to make my way into esports as a profession and wanted to develop a working relationship with players, so I was at that party doing my best to network. He was talking to me in a weird way that I guess was him trying to be flirty? Anyways, he just kind of walked up to me and started grinding against my leg, and I immediately noticed he was erect, and rubbbing himself on me. I was so uncomfortable. From my perspective it was like "here's this pro player that I hope to one day work with and ohhhhhhhhh that's his penis against my leg."

I ended up just turning and walking away without saying anything because I had NO idea what to say or do. I think it was his way of hitting on me, but hadn't expressed ANY interest at all in him before that. It was kind of out of nowhere. Like he'd been kind of talking to me in a weird/flirty? way, and then just kinda walked up and started basically dry humping me. I was trying to make my way in the Dota scene and develop a working relationship with players, and I had NO idea if that's just...how things were done in that scene

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