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25th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Method statement on Josh

We are sorry.

Josh was released earlier today from Method because of his gross misconduct. At the time of the Kotaku article last year we had received an email from an unknown 3rd party “Jane Doe” which led to management collectively preparing a statement, as follows;

"All of us at Method take the welfare of minors seriously, including their safety on the internet. If you feel you have evidence that anybody, inside or outside of Method, has been behaving in a predatory or illegal manner we strongly encourage you to contact the police and make a report, so that a thorough - and proper - investigation can occur."

Recently substantiated accusations on social media have cast a light on Josh’s behaviour that has disturbed us all, resulting in our immediate action to remove him from the organisation. In retrospect, we deeply regret that we did not act sooner.

It has been circulating on social media that Method and specifically the guild were internally aware of the extent of Josh’s behaviour; this is categorically untrue and sickening to read.

We will be overhauling our internal policies to make sure nothing like this ever happens again.

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