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24th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

My experience with @rapidcasting #metoostarcraft part 2

So for some reason when I wrote part 1 at 4:30am it cut off. I didn't bother reading it again because I just felt gross. So onto the next part. The actual stuff that got cut.


and then, still in Korea:

BUT he found me on twitter, which I use once every 20 years to laugh at some memes linked to me. He told me how he was lonely in his room as we both had solo rooms, I quickly said good night and said I was tired. I kept brushing off these things in a friendly way, as he seemed respected there and I did not want to stir anything. The way he looked at me was weird, I felt uncomfortable but looks are not a crime for sure.

As the event went on, LS (famous LoL caster back then) got sick and they needed a sub. As someone with clear English and some experience in casting they asked me to step up and wham, it began. We casted together and the awkward sexual comments were there, I laughed it off as I am a friendly person and wanted to keep it pleasant. It was okay, could've been worse.

He kept talking about his cock and how he wished he could find some pleasure during this event. I suggested that he rather approach another girl as I wasn't interested but he mentioned how Asians were too shallow for his LONG cock. Yuck. I also heard how he's fucked SOOOOO many people and how nice it is to be able to please girls like that.

Mr Penis was constantly pushing this I HAVE A LARGE COCK narrative, but I kept dodging it like a bullet. With a smile, because who will upset someone in power who looked like they were friends with someone as cool as Artosis. I should've shut it down harder but it was nearing the end of the event and I was just happy to escape.

Over the next year leading up to the second IESF in Indonesia, he was trying to stay in contact, not in a creepy way, I told myself I was being weird and maybe he was just awkward. There was one weird message where I congratulated him on getting a gig and said "that's huge!" to which he responded, "I hear that a lot". Fine, a joke, I make those too, but I already felt a little iffy.


Team Serbia and South Africa have been filled in about how Mr Penis will follow me around and to NOT leave me alone. They did their jobs. They were amazing. He even commented on how I am so popular and never left alone. Wonder why hmm.

He did, however, find me alone, once. At the hot dog stand. I was destroying a sausage as you do after starving for a few hours. He said something along the lines of "I wish you would eat me like that"
Classy Rapid
I followed that up with something similar to "What? Bitten and chewed into pieces? Sounds pretty crazy to me"
Classy Maryke

He laughed it off and again told me how he just has so much trouble finding good pussy. With a nice little "Asian pussies are too small for a large American cock like mine. They are too shallow."
So, me being completely thrown off again just said: "so fold it in half then?"

He proceeded to explain that not all American cocks are this large but he did get lucky and cursed at the same time. How people have complimented him time and time again on how he is great in bed and his large dick is just a blessing, but they don't understand the responsibility of not hurting a girl with a small pussy.

You guys get the just of it. Was it abuse? I don't know, abuse of power over a vulnerable, impressionable girl in the eSports industry? Maybe. I don't know what to call it, but it was creepy. And this is just to get it out there, this guy is not nice to work with for any female (as we heard over the last few days too since things started coming out) and I really hope no one got seriously harassed by him. I am quite dismissive in person if needed when it comes to creepy esports guys, and I hope that any girl who wasn't as dismissive, wasn't pushed into more.

Good luck Rapid, I hope you grow.
Not in that way (because no one ever said that to you right?), but as a person.

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