I was manipulated by Miniladd, I was 16/17. He was 20+. (photos in replies)

First off I want to say that I am not doing this because I hate him. I am disappointed in him. There is a difference. I am not doing this for malicious intent as well. He has rejected help and told the internet he would get therapy and then never did, and even after so many years to hear that his actions of arrogance have not decreased makes me feel like a fool for not sharing this sooner in protection of any other women who associate themselves with him. Craig has always been a friend of mine, but it never felt genuine, at all. Sure, he helped me in times of need and for that I am forever grateful for that side of him. But the things he has said and done to others such as myself makes me question if he is truly humble or not with the support he has given me personally.

When I was 16 around the time Craig and his ex had broken up, he was severely depressed. I saw the dark side of him with his depression and I will choose out of respect to keep that private unless it involves what I will be talking about. It took me years to realize that he used his suicidal tendencies to pity him into not talking about these things publicly. The fact that I can't look at his name without thinking about the shit he did really bugs me to this day. So, that being said. This is my story.

I honestly do not really remember when or why Craig and I started talking more. I think it was more so I was worried for him and tried to be a good friend because of the break up at the time. So I was there for him. Direct messaging him through twitter during my classes, listening to his worries about his ex, or even just to talk. Then things started to get more personal and darker with the conversations. He would go to me for venting to see if there were ways to get back to his ex or help her change and whatnot. Of course, me trying to be a good friend I listened to everything he had to say and even said “sure there is hope in changing her” and shit like that. Even shit talked about her with him, which was very wrong of me. I’ll admit, I was being a bit of an ass kisser. Reason being was, I had a crush on him. He knew that. I had to sometimes sit and listen to him talk about how he got an erection over his ex or whatever. Despite him knowing how I felt about him. But then, don’t remember why but we were joking around to where I said something about his dick being small. I guess he took it personally as you will see in the replies of our conversation that started on twitter that he moved to discord so he could delete photos he sent me. He sent me pictures of him in his underwear to show off his bulge of his penis. Which I did not ask for, at all. I want to clarify to that the reason I was acting cool with it was because I had a fucking crush on him so whatever right and so didn't really know better. Remember, I was a minor. I was 16, he knew that I liked him. Sent me those photos to someone he knew liked him for a boost of ego. The worst part is, I was not the only person he has done this to. With someone else who will come out that I will retweet, she experienced much, much more weird shit to say to a fucking minor. That will be Ash's place to say. I think a year after the situation happened with him sending me photos, I confronted him about it and he apologized and said he knew he hurt me and regrets it. However, it makes me question if he said that just so I didn’t turn against him and help expose him. The fact I even had to question it, even to this day truly says a lot.

Ash was at one point going to expose him but me being the fool I was, I defended Craig. I was blinded by his lies, and manipulation. He told me he did not know of Ash much and never talked to her in a dating manner and whatnot. He also said he didn’t know she was underaged, saying that Ash told him he was 18. All of that was a lie. I eventually caught him in that lie and went back to him and asked him if this was really him in a snapchat screenshot that I’ll post below. He confessed and I was utterly distraught. I couldn’t even talk to him for a day. He begged and begged me to talk to him. Eventually I did and he fully admitted he was scared I would turn against him. Reading back our messages to myself, I felt like he wasn’t scared to lose our friendship, but his career. That was it.

When he and Sami got together, I told him if he was to date her, he should be honest about the creepy shit he has done. He said he would then later told me he wouldn’t. I shrugged it off and had hope maybe he would come to his senses. I only just found out now that he never said a damn word to her and I had to be the one to tell Sami. The only reason it was brought up though before with the whole “you should tell her” was because he was being threatened to be exposed by someone who I will not publicly name who was friends with Ash. He was scared of losing his career and how it would ruin his friendships. Craig, if you didn’t want that. You shouldn't have done what you did in the first place and not excused your actions with being depressed and suicidal. You manipulated me into keeping my mouth shut for so long because I was terrified of what you could do to yourself. That goes for a lot of people who knew about this situation. There is no excuse for you being the way you were with underaged girls such as myself at the time.

I still believe you can get help. I know you’re a good person but you need therapy. Stop running away from it, stop saying you don’t need it. And never lie to your fans about taking it again. You know your supporters deserve better than that. You’re human enough to realize that. I really tried to be a good friend, I even to this day tried to be one but this can’t sit right with me. Especially that still to this day every time I see your name, I think about everything.

Now, all of that being said. The very firm reasons I have come out with this is

1. His behavior towards minors was inappropriate, he was an adult

2. I don't want this to happen to others

3. I am hoping he takes ownership of his actions towards me, others, and get the help he very much needs

4. I feel like a heavy weight will be lifted off of me sharing this story.

Thank you for listening to me. Stay safe everyone.

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