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23rd Jun 2020 from TwitLonger


I've re-written this 5 times and showed it to many of my friends. I am extremely nervous on how people will react to my words but hopefully if you have watched my stream you know I say this with genuine empathy for all involved. It has been a rough day for me but also for NAdota. This post not really about GrandGrant but it is not my intention to be tone-deaf to feelings of the victims. With that said I am splitting this post up into two sections, firstly talking about Grant and secondly talking about Dota (NADota in specific).


The story Wicked posted was particularly hard to read for me due to to many factors (as well as just hard to read..), I guess I'm just disgusted that it happened and disappointed in Grant. I know many are mad or angry and rightfully so but as somebody who knew him and had met him at lans in the past 3 years it was extremely difficult to read. I genuinely believe Grant is trying to grow as a person and improve moving forward but this does not however excuse his previous behavior. I knew Grant on NADota since 2014 and first met him at the ti7 after-party (same party as the hand grabbing where I was even dancing with Grant..) and while I do not believe he is that person today his previous actions are not excusable.

None of what I say is intended to take away from the actions he committed, it isn't ok. It wasn't ok, it will never be ok. I'm also disappointed in Grants friends for enabling this behavior. If you see your friend doing something shitty you should stand up and say something about it. Protect those around YOU, not just your friends.

I know what I'm saying is not a popular statement and maybe I am saying it too soon but this is how I feel.

It's our time as a community to step up and be better towards each other. I am certainly no shining example but I work everyday on being better. We as a community have to stand up to injustices because we do deserve better.


At this point I do not believe Grant can continue being part of the community and this has opened an important role in our community (like it or not). We need people covering NADota more so then ever now and if t2/3 tournaments in NA ever want to thrive they need people casting and watching them. If any t2/3 tournaments need a caster would love to try to grab some friends and cast some of the t2/3 dota teams. Plasma, Doze, etc plenty of teams practicing trying to improve. It's important for them that they get exposure and room to grow otherwise our scene will never improve. (Special shout-out @dnmdota for the anti 332!)

I know this may seem insensitive to talk about due to the situation but it is something deeply important to me and who I am as a person so I hope you will humor. I'm sure Plasma or any t3 teams would love to see fans showing up and watching t3 dota. Show them positivity not hate. (as I have unfortunately done in the past)


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