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23rd Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

My Statement:

To the Thinnd Community:

A statement from a past relationship has come up and called to question my character as a person you look up to. For that I am sorry.

Streaming puts a lot of pressure to always perform to the best of my abilities in game and out. While I am not perfect, the portrayal of myself and my actions is not to the standard that I hold myself.

Here is my side:

Consistent with the accuser’s statement, there was absolutely no physical abuse. Let me be perfectly clear; no physical abuse.

I asked the accuser multiple times to leave because they were fired from their full-time job, and their continual refusal to apply for full time work placed an undue financial burden upon me.

The accuser would take my credit card without my knowledge or permission and spend it on shopping, food delivery, and multiple other personal items to treat themselves.

When I asked her for a repayment plan, they would cite job-finding hardship.

This sum amounted to well over $15,000 that the accuser said they would cover, but then left me on the hook for.

All necessities and wants were paid in full via my personal finances.

I asked her many times, over and over again to leave and yet she refused citing difficulties in the relationship with her family.

Financial strain is no excuse for verbal disagreements.

However, I never thought this would be the outcome for housing and supporting someone in their time of need.

At the same time, I encouraged her, repeatedly, to seek mental health resources. I was met with refusal multiple times citing ineffectiveness.

Repeatedly, dozens of times I recommended the mental health help of a professional knowing the dangers that could arise.

Six times I witnessed the aftermath of self-harm and found myself blamed for how she was feeling and the resulting actions.

I found out that self-harm was taking place when met with doors randomly became locked, and I would find tissues stained with fresh blood.

It terrified me that she would go too far. I always recommended help, professionally as I did not want anything else to happen.

Furthermore, when I would ask the accuser to leave I was met with resistance and self harm in retaliation.

This was done six times, with varying levels of secrecy to hide the scars so I wouldn’t notice, but the accuser did it once when she was in the shower with a shaving razor, hence the story.

I won’t ask you to stay or support, as I’ve seen cancel culture enough to know what it can mean if your friends don’t believe me.

There has been no investigation or research or due diligence done, and yet, this.

All I ask of this is that you understand that mental health is paramount, and that those close to us need our help. I tried my best to help, next time I will do better.

I thank everyone who knows me for standing by me throughout this endeavor.


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