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21st Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Regarding today

I want to use this thread to own up to my mistakes and acknowledge my shitty behavior. First To Riley: you were my first girlfriend and I know the words here won't do justice to all my mistakes and shortcomings and nothing I say will repair the damage I caused, but I am deeply sorry for everything. You were my first girlfriend and I did not treat you with the respect you deserved. My popularity on Twitch got to my head and I made choices that I am not proud of. And I should have owned up to everything I did and the way I treated you years ago. Part of me didn't realize the pain I caused or rather didn't want to acknowledge it. I don't expect you to forgive me for any of it and I’m sorry I ever made you uncomfortable in any way. I know these are just words and it’ll never be able to repair the damage I’ve caused you.

To everyone else: I apologize to my viewers, and close friends, who have come to know me by the years.This is by no means a justification of my actions because they cannot be justified, but it is an insight to what was happening when my shitty and deceitful behavior went down. As a 19 year old, my Twitch stream started blowing up around Taken King and as a result, I developed an ego because of it. And Riley got caught in the midst of that, and wasn’t thinking about how my actions would affect others. I am embarrassed by my actions and mindset, and there is nothing I can say or do that will make up for it. So I have been dwelling on my mistakes and tried to become a better person. I know words are just words and probably mean little to any of you.

5 years later to today, the person I am now is completely different from the one you probably read about just now. Along with being my own harshest critic, I have surrounded myself with people over the past few years who I hold really close to my heart and would never want to do anything that would hurt them or lose their respect in any way. Again, this does not justify any of my actions and don't want it to be seen that way, but I hope you will understand those actions do not reflect who I am as a person today and the progress I have made to just be a better person overall. I have learned from those mistakes and will continue to grow as a person. I hope anyone who has gotten to know me over the past few years knows what type of person I am today and strive to be. My DMs are always open, if any of you ever want to talk.

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