My account that corroborates @TheHaleyBaby's version of events

I remember this as if this happened yesterday.

One of my closest friend @TheReal_LbCake took care of EVERYONE that night. He bought us a VIP section at the club so we can have our own hangout spot for Haley, Satt, me and a few more peeps. The footage you see on Satt's tweet is accurate and we were having a good time. But then towards the end of the night, I noticed Satt was getting handsy on Haley and they were pretty intoxicated. I was normally buzzed and so was cake.

Satt and Haley were sometimes no where to be found and I was in the VIP with cake dancing and relaxing. Basically everyone in the VIP scattered and were dancing so I didn't think other wise.
I started to wonder around the club and spotted Haley and Satt in the corner sitting at a table and they were making out. However, it seemed like Satt was hovering over her a bit too strong and I felt uncomfortable about it. I can see Haley trying to keep her head up and Satt is holding her as straight as he can. I REALLY did not want to think that he was forcing himself in any shape or form because I couldn't tell from my distance.

I saw a twitch staff member and reached out about this situation. I pointed at their location and asked "If this looks right or a I trippin?" "I do not know much about Satt, is he a good guy?" The staff said something around they are probably drunk off their ass but if you see anything else other wise, let hi/her know.

They would move from one place to another and I approach Haley and asked if everything is ok? She struggled to say "yes i am good." Satt would just say shes fine, we are both trying to have fun.

I didn't know what to do...I had no idea if they were dating or they have a thing for each other. I did not want to cause a scene if I was in the wrong.

I kept my eye on her along with Cake. They were dancing, walking around and it seemed like Satt was just holding on to her in case she falls or whatever. He wasn't grabbing her inappropriately at the time. The club was closing and this is where I started to worry about this situation. Satt and Haley were in the corner sitting together and the making out was a lot more aggressive and then he picked HER up to take her outside. The way he picked her up and carried her out did not look right AT ALL. We were all outside, Cake and I were trying to figure out if we should interrupt this without causing a scene or making assumptions. I went up to Haley for the 3rd time and asked where are you staying? Satt looked at me and said she's fine, she's staying with me everything is cool. Haley looked at me and said softly "I am good, we are heading back, I will be ok." At this point, it did not seemed like she knew what was going on because she was completely out of it.

I asked Haley to give me her phone so I can call someone for you. She gave it to me and I called one of her closest friend that was a streamer. I explained that I am not comfortable about this guy named Satt and if she is ok being with him or staying with him. Do you know anything about him? Then I asked her to let Haley PLEASE stay with you because I do not trust this guy 1 bit. So she told me to let Haley know that she can uber at her hotel. I gave the phone back to Haley and I told her to uber to your friends hotel and Haley said "thank you so much."

Satt looked at me and said "hey man, everything is fine, we have to wake up early in the morning, everything is good bro." I was about to lose my shit and so was Cake. Cake was around the corner trying to figure out if he should just punch the dude or not cause a scene. We were basically trying to calmed each other down until I saw Satt literally toss Haley in the Uber car and it left very quickly.

I am pretty destroyed by this because I could have done more. I have never fought at a gaming event or cause any problems. I didn't know Haley and Satt at the time so I couldn't really tell if everything was truly ok. I am sry that this happened to you Haley. I BELIEVE YOU 100%.

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