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16th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger


Firstly, I would like to clarify that I have never, nor will I ever, CHEAT or MATCH FIX in a game. The allegations that state I have attempted to procure a ‘private cheat’ for Valorant are entirely false and I would like to explain the contents of the video which has been published today as well as other information which I feel needs to be brought into light.

Secondly, the ‘evidence’ that has been given in this article and within the recordings does not provide any proof that I have match fixed, and in the clip they have provided I express my concerns and doubts about the proposal they had given.

I cannot defend my involvement in listening to the proposal given to me regarding potential match-fixing, all of which occurred several months ago before Valorant was even announced, at a time where I was at a crossroads in my CSGO career. I had just lost my salary in Counter-Strike, with zero income or prospect of a job and the bills were beginning to pile up, and the financial hardship that I found myself in was beginning to seriously impact my mental health. With my depression and stress worsening, the proposal of potentially gaining £1000-2000 per game that was shown on HLTV was obviously tempting for someone in my financial position. I agreed to a demonstration of how the process would work (via discord screen share), whilst categorically refusing to install any software on my computer. After the demonstration, the coder proposed creating a team of 5 players who would be willing to participate in cheating / match-fixing. With the financial pressure I was under, I was intrigued and even considered using this to my advantage to gain access to FPL and turn my career around. I could not overcome the thought of how many people I would be cheating out of a position in FPL, many of whom work tirelessly to even have the chance to qualify. After a short discussion with the others involved, we all realised how severe our potential actions could be, with prison time and a criminal record being an extremely likely outcome should we be proven guilty.

I am not proud of the thoughts which entered my mind during a severely low point in my life and the entire situation made me realise how morally incorrect the process was and that I would never be able to partake in match-fixing in any game. The video shows a conversation between myself and the coders who are trying to determine why I refused their offer to match-fix in CS:GO and are once again trying to discuss if I would participate in Valorant if it were possible. I once again entertained the idea as my financial situation was still unstable, however, quickly remembered my lessons from the previous scenario and distanced myself entirely by terminating any connection I had with the coders. Looking back at this entire situation, I am extremely happy that I chose to do the right thing and that I was able to resist the temptation of an ‘easy’ way out.

Once again, I reiterate that I have never match-fixed or cheated in CS:GO or Valorant and I am more than willing to co-operate with Riot & Valve to prove my innocence should it escalate that far.


With the formation of fish123, we were performing extremely well and were fast becoming the best team in Europe with a 100% bo3 winrate. Whilst participating in the tournaments with fish, I raised a concern with my agent that the team of coders who were willing to cheat in Valorant were now entering events on the pro-circuit. The team name they were participating under was ‘Valolytics’ and had received several complaints from other professional teams who doubted their legitimacy. Thankfully, Riot’s Vanguard system quickly detected the coders' cheats and they are now officially banned. My account has never been, nor will ever be banned for cheating and the fact that the very coders I unfortunately crossed paths with have been detected, hopefully provides those who may doubt my legitimacy with some proof that I never acquired the cheat they were offering.

My recent performances have now put me in the spotlight and when the team of coders were banned and removed from the tournament – they threatened to release the ‘evidence’. They firmly believe that I was solely responsible for outing them and this is why these false claims are now coming to light, at a time which could have the most detrimental impact to my career in Valorant.

To conclude, I will once again reiterate the fact that I have NEVER match fixed or cheated in any game – nor will I ever do so. I have learned the hard way about how becoming mixed up with the wrong groups of people could severely affect my career. The levels of performance and exposure I have reached in Valorant have been beyond anything I was able to achieve in CSGO and I am purely focused on developing myself as a player after now hopefully removing any doubts around my legitimacy.

Any of my close acquaintances will be able to confirm that my words almost always get the better of me, and I have an extremely bad habit of saying what I think before considering the consequences to myself and others. This is not the first time that I have showcased how extremely dim-witted and mindless I can be, and it is definitely not the first time that running my mouth has gotten me into trouble. I know this will probably not be the last time my big mouth gets me into trouble but it is something that I now know I must work on if I am to become a role model for others, an aspect of my game that I have never seriously considered until now. I now understand the benefit of players of this generation undergoing social media training and whilst I've never partaken in anything of this nature, I would be extremely interested in doing so in the future to ensure I represent myself correctly going forwards.

I will once again state that I am willing to co-operate with Valve or Riot to prove my innocence, however, there is nothing to prove as I have never done anything wrong, only contemplated it, which has been recorded and released as an attempt to destroy my potential career as revenge.

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