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15th Jun 2020 from TwitLonger

Some words about Herodes

This isn't really a career retrospective or anything, I leave that to folks who can actually write like grown adults.

Herodes was one of those guys who I fully admit I didn't appreciate until I started to get waaaaaay deep into the lucha fandom wormhole. I think it was Jose Fernandez (@pantherwagner) who initially told me about the greatness of EL CHACHO & my Space Cadets are the ultimate luchadors warped mind just couldn't put my head around this older looking hair tubby dude being anything special. But of course as I came to appreciate the intricacies of the lucha style more & more it became evident not only was EL CHACHO a great worker - he was the prototype of what all great rudos should aim to be.

The most defining charachteristic of EL CHACHO to me is how great he made every single person look who he worked against. It was like his goal getting into that ring, aside from wanting the fans to hate him, was to make sure his opponent came out looking like a million bucks. That's invaluable in the lucha style where so much depends on your opponent helping you out. His rolling bumps are the stuff legends are made of. I can't even remember a time when he was in wrong place for the next spot or any awkward moment where he took a mis-timed bump. He was a big dude but so light on his feet ready to tumble/roll at any moment. This isn't even me just imagining things. The record books speak for themselves as EL CHACHO was one of the guys who would be fed to any foreigner coming in since they knew he would do his job & ensure they didn't look like complete fools. He had a role, he did it. He was never the biggest star, although he was a headliner, but he was always working with the top stars because there will always be a place in wrestling for those who can master the art of making others look good.

Since so much of his early career doesn't exist on video I think most remember him from the famous/infamous 1991 storyline where he got dropkicked during a match and his head hit the ringpost. This was a work... although it was treated legit by all the newspapers at the time if I remember right. The claim was he suffered a serious head injury and when he returned he didn't know who he was any more. He would wear a football helmet into the ring or show up as a golfer or even in boxing headgear with gloves! And he work like a boxer! The best part was the commisioner at ringside trying to do his "serious" job and stop the match because Herodes was dressed inappropriately. EL CHACHO being EL CHACHO of course he had to get someone else over so he made sure Misterioso would "knock him out" with a punch leaving EL CHACHO looking like the fool as the crowd happily counted the 10 to signifiy his loss. He knew how to do the little things & wasn't afraid to "show some ass".

It's weird to me Pena never figured out a gimmick to give him when AAA started out because Pena was always great at revitalizing the older guys who could still work by coming up with new gimmick ideas for them. Mabye Herodes' body was just so beaten up by then he didn't think it was worth it. Who knows.

I remember during the down days of Arena Coliseo De Monterrey in 2003-2004ish Herodes showed up out of nowhere just working like a regular dude in mid-card trios or atomicos matches. Same rolling bumps. Same wild charisma. Same role to just make all the 2 cent wrestlers, of which Monterrey had a lot, look like million dollar superstars.


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